The great sheep escape


Jan 28, 2006
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In the summer of 2004 sheep in the UKs Yorkshire rallied against their keepers. Sheep are not as imbecilic as generally creditedclose, but not quite. I imagine that one day in early spring a group particularly non-conciliatory, escape-driven sheep where forced together into a camp special for escape artists where they were meant to stay, but instead of languishing at the unassailable cattle grids designed to keep them constrained to their appointed pastures, the sheep rallied, and planned a great escape.

The knavish sheep walked right up to the metal, hoof-proof grids, laid on their sides, and rolled their way across 3 meters of metal to freedom.

With that brilliant (for a sheep) plan, they were free, roving the countryside seeking ways out of Nazi-occupied Europeno, that was a moviethey were free to wander down to the nearby villages and feast on the buffets that the residents called gardens.

And just as a hero-sheep should be, they were utterly fearless. They ignored men trying to shoo them, and a hearty whack with a housewifes broom didnt stir them to go very far. Even dogs were set upon the beasts, but were spurned in favor of the tasty but forbidden vegetables and flowers they feasted upon.