The Palenque Spaceman carving


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Jan 28, 2006
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The most famous of Mayan temples is the Temple of Inscriptions. The temple is 75 feet high and once had 40 foot "comb" on it's top. According to legend, the temple was built according to exact instructions from 'sky gods', incorporating advanced astronomical and mathematical data, including directions to add a certain amount of steps every 52 years. Mexican archeologist Alberto Lhuillier discovered a secret tomb-like chamber in 1952 which held a large intricately carved slab known as "the Spaceman".It's still the topic of debate as to what it means (if it wasn't important, why would it be hidden in a secret chamber?). Some say it looks exactly like a man at the controls of some kind of machinery, complete with foot pedals and hand levers. Also found was a duct that runs from the tomb up the inside of the stairs and opens in the temple floor. No one has explained it's purpose, but it's just like the passageway ducts found in the pyramids of Egypt.