What country do you think we will goto war with next?

For those of you that now me, you would think I would be mass posting in this thread with all the Israel, Palestine, U.S. stuff etc. I just wanted to say things are progressively happening so fast that I decided to not really keep up on it. I can tell you just from what I am seeing this is the beginning of WW3 like when this thread was made 9 years ago. Plus, honestly it really just depresses me to see everything happening on both sides. So, this time around I am just keeping everything to myself.
I always had a feeling that Israel would be ground zero for the next great war. We'll see...
Ya I think that’s a threat. There is no stopping those missles, they are sitting ducks.

Now it sounds like China might attack the Philippians?
So It Begins Helms Deep GIF by Giphy QA

Turkey getting involved?

Let’s see the last few days Turkey, North Korea and what looks like Russia is getting involved, let’s just call it what it really is WW3.

Australia is now getting involved, its war boys!

I think they know there is a plan to stick all at once and stretch us thin. I think it’s a big race for all right now.
Maybe XI will buy some Boeings this week, we'll agree to sell him some Nvidia chips, and they'll kick the can down the road on Taiwan a few years.
Well there you have it just like I posted many times in this thread. They didn’t impact Russia only us.