What's next for Apple

So I am still waiting impatiently for my (late) Mac mini to arrive. But I have done some much onthe new Apple silicon chips, and I must admit, these type of chip are the future of computing. I forsee Apple dominating the chip maket in the upcoming years with their technology.
Their devices could easily last 10-15 years or even more, but planned obsolescence got in the way.
I think they almost got away with it until people busted them, hence the lawsuit.
They still can do it by adjusting other settings or putting too much extra unnecessary stuff. However, It does seem that even the 6S still works well on its last iOS, and can be used for awhile yet.
I haven't really heard of anything new coming out from Apple lately. I mean new products of course. Their last new product was their VR which now seems to be a flop. All they seem to do is just revamp their products. I would like to see a ring still.