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Nier (xbox360)

C Pav

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I just finished the first ending of this game and I enjoyed it for it's simple action RPG qualities and the story. It's a sad story and never let's up with the emotional storyline and atmosphere.


You are a single father of a young girl who is sick with a disease that is spreading about the land. The village you live in is small and you are the go to guy for jobs and tasks. Basically the village depends on you for protection. You are trying to find a cure for your daughters curse.


The game play is simple hack and slash. You have a variety of weapons you can collect throughout the game ranging from one handed swords, two handed swords and spears. You can level each weapon up as well to increase it's stats. You also have a variety of magic spells at your disposal. These can't be powered up like weapons but you can increase the power and other effectiveness of them by collecting "words". These are dropped every so often by the enemies and can also be used on your weapons. These words add such stats like increased damage, use of less magic, armor break and increase in experience and item drop rates.


The enemies are called shades. There are several types ranging from small easy to kill ones all the way up to the large bosses that take up the whole screen. Beating enemies gives you experience which in turn levels you up. Sometimes the drop items for use to restore HP or items you can use to sell or level up your weapons. Items can also be harvested from the land and are indicated by a flashing arrow.


There are quite a few side quests in the game that earn you money, weapons, and items. Most are basically fetch this many of this item or kill this enemy. Not overly hard or boring but one could finish the game without doing any. There is also a fishing side quest which was kind of fun and there is also a gardening side thing you can do.


Overall I liked the game more on the story and simplistic game play. I found myself clocking in near 35 hours on my first ending....I say first because you can load that and play through a 2nd, and a 3rd and finally a 4th ending. The other ending don't require a full play trough from what I read and can be done fairly quickly. Everything you have accumulated and have done carries over as well.


I give it a 8.5 or even a 9/10.



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