1. nodle

    Different eras having different colors

    Maybe it’s just me, but can anyone else just tell what era it was by looking at a photo and seeing the color difference? I have noticed this for awhile. And I am sure there is some scientific reason for it. But I can get shown a photo and almost tell what era it was from just by nothing the...
  2. nodle

    1970's-1980's van's paint jobs

    I have also loved the classic era when vans had awesome paint jobs on the sides of them. You don't see this anymore, but I thought I would start a gallery for them. It seems like the common themes were wizards and dragons, and space themes. The D20 dice window is so awesome on this photo above.
  3. nodle

    My Science Project

    Does anyone else remember this movie from the 80’s?
  4. nodle

    The Last Starfighter

    Does anyone remember The Last Starfighter movie? I have strange memories of it. I know I felt bad for the main character and was happy to see him make it. Does anyone else remember seeing it?
  5. nodle

    1980s car dashboards

    Pretty cool stuff back then.
  6. nodle

    Let's revist the movie 'Bloodsport'

    When I was growing up this was a big movie for me. I wanted to learn Karate after seeing it. Everything was so cool about it. I remember trying to do the splits like Van Damme only ripping my nuts apart. The ending song was so awesome as well. Pure 80's music...
  7. nodle

    Movies that made you who you are

    Let's post movie that made you who you are growing up. Some are forgotten over time, but never in your heart. Flight of the Navagator http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UfxnWpjnwkc/UYYxgE2rqoI/AAAAAAAAc1w/wbesRrI6hPg/s1600/Flight+Of+The+Navigator+by+Marco+Manev.jpg...
  8. nodle

    80's movies will always be the best movies

  9. D

    Breakfast Club

    How many folks have seen this old classic?
  10. nodle

    Movies from the 80s and early 90s

    What are movies from this generation so good? I watched The Goonies over the weekend and it seems like all movies from this ear were just so good? What was it? Was it the simplicity, the fun factor? Was it really the last good generation of movie making? Just seems like movies this days are so...