1. nodle

    Air filters for your vehicle

    So I thought I would start a thread about air filters for your vehicles and which ones are the best. I have been researching them the last couple of days and found interesting results like this video poste below: like this guy's videos) I always...
  2. nodle

    Portable air compressor for your vehicle

    So last year Amazon had a flash sale and they had one of those little air compressors that go into your cigarette lighter. It was only around $20, and I thought why not? It came with a small travel case and fit down below by my spare tire in the vehicle. Here a couple of weeks ago we were at a...
  3. nodle

    Air Fryers

    Has anyone been around these new Air Fryers? I guess they are suppose to cook foods like french fries etc. but instead of using oils, they just use hot air. Anyone used or have one?
  4. ryanator

    Homemade and store-bought air purifiers

    So I've been looking into air purification lately. I have an 18 year old Holmes tower room purifier that I originally bought for white noise. I never wanted to spend $500+ for the big ones (home or shop), so I came across a very simple but effective DIY method. This can be used for anything...
  5. nodle

    Re-usable electrostatic air filters

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever used an electrostatic air filter? They are basically re-usable air filters for your furnace, kinda like a K&N air filter. After they collect dust you then remove then and wash them, let them dry and pop back in. You never have to buy another air filter...
  6. ryanator

    Air guns - BB, pellet, etc..

    I was thinking of getting a new pellet air gun. These are always good to have around for fun, practice on the cheap, pest control, and can be legal in city limits. We had a classic Daisy model which was a multi-pump that shot BB's and pellets. It was a 20 pump model for max velocity, but...
  7. nodle

    Air-cleaning plants*ek5EFDyinBbtgzpu-nqSM-N97hT1Ak99GJiR80VQ5ZfeWknkRIQyUUBNVWEftqVzaERffzgEt4SDHx*Qdrk/houseplants2.jpg*WGW9LT26Zemb6RJ29uaIJuKw1uYteZZpfZPOhH6*yfDLSf0pUk3N*05*fAlPNfv7fY/houseplants3.jpg...
  8. nodle

    Inside a 2015 Macbook Air

    I thought it was fake at first, but no it's the real deal minus the batteries.
  9. WayneKerr

    Air Force Budget Commited

    I'm watching the House Armed Services: Air Force Budget on cspan on Watch the sausage get made.
  10. ryanator

    Amazon Air, drone delivery; hurry up future.

    Amazon has stated it's plans to use drones to deliver packages in the near future. Imagine seeing your package flying through the air coming to your door. But with the sheer amount of orders Amazon gets...
  11. nodle

    Air compressors

    I have been looking at air compressors lately and thought I would see if anyone has one that they would recommend. I am looking for a minimum of a 6 gallon tank. Not to large but not a 3 gallon either. I have been looking at the pancake ones for portability with a handle at the top. It also...
  12. nodle

    Air Force UFO Rules Vanish After Inquiry

  13. nodle

    Air Force Pilots Have Anti-Freeze in Their Blood

  14. WayneKerr

    We are trying to stay on the air
  15. nodle

    Air Force on Secret Space Plane: Nothing to See Here, Move Along
  16. nodle

    Air tire gauge

    I would like to see a new tire pressure gauge that can be hand held with a pressure gauge on it. It would also have a dial that let's you select your pressure. One end goes on the tire, the other end you put the air compressor nozzle on. When it reaches the right pressure the back pressure stops...
  17. nodle

    Air Force Officers to hold press conference over "UFO threat"
  18. nodle

    Kitten suckles air

  19. nodle

    Air Force's Falcon Hypersonic Glider Disappears Mysteriously

    The Air Force's Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2—designed to attack global targets at Mach 20—has disappeared nine minutes into its first test flight, just after separating from its booster. Contact was lost, and it hasn't been found yet. The Falcon was supposed to splash down in the...
  20. nodle

    Air Force Launches Secretive X-37B