1. nodle

    Weed Slayer

    So I say one of these on Amazon a few weeks ago. Then I was in our local store yesterday and they had one. Half the cost of Amazon and the build quality was amazing compared to Amazons. Anyways, I have never used one before, but let me tell you it's amazing and it's one of those tools that you...
  2. nodle

    Gymkhana Eight

    Speakers up, HD on, fullscreen...
  3. nodle

    Amazing sand art

    My mind can't even comprehend this. And the last one he did upside down! :eek:
  4. nodle

    Amazing device at Starbucks

    This is just awesome. Way to go Starbucks!
  5. nodle

    Amazing Nintendo collection

  6. nodle

    Amazing miniature world

    I think this this so amazing. I would love to see it in real life.
  7. nodle

    Amazing or bored drummer?

    I can't tell if it's just his style or he's bored.
  8. nodle

    Charlie Chaplin speech - just amazing

    The music goes perfect with it. What an amazing speech! It's worth your time to watch the whole thing...
  9. nodle

    Amazing stop motion

    Man can you even imagine the work that went into this? :eek:
  10. nodle

    Amazing submarine battle!

  11. nodle

    Amazing Grace: The Two-Legged kitten

    Makes me sad. :cry:
  12. nodle

    Red Dead Redemption

    Have any of you been watching this game? It just came out today. It does look very awesome. Basically a grand theft auto but set in the western days. I would recommend you check it out.
  13. nodle

    Amazing horse
  14. nodle

    I've discovered something amazing!

  15. nodle

    Amazing hand drum performance

  16. nodle

    Amazing Blob Jump Launch
  17. nodle

    Amazing stunts, watch the last one
  18. nodle

    This truck is amazing!

    Talk about going straight up.
  19. nodle

    Amazing Choreographed Fight Scene

  20. Ludacris

    Dr. Reeds Amazing Story; Encounter

    Please listen and watch close.  This is the best Alien encounter story with the best evidence to prove it in my opinion.  If you make it to the "woods" video that he taped shortly after the encounter, notice how the aliens garb and bluish skin look very close the aliens that appear in the...