1. jmanz

    Prime Days 2023

    Picked up one of these for the kids primarily. Had a good pre-prime day sale on it the other day. Was about $100 off.
  2. nodle

    Amazon handed Ring footage to police without user consent

    I am not surprised. I don't use Ring, but I can guarantee that every one of these camera companies have done this. Amazon handed Ring footage to police without user consent (
  3. nodle

    Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device, Wi-Fi 6

    Decent deal for what you are getting. $39.99
  4. nodle

    Star Wars The Black Series AT-AT Pilot

    Pretty good deal for the Star Wars The Black Series AT-AT Pilot. $15.93. I grabbed one myself. Star Wars The Black Series AT-AT Pilot , 6 Inch : Toys & Games
  5. nodle

    The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

    I wonder if amazon will mess this up?
  6. nodle

    Amazon Prime Day 2021

    Anyone grabbing anything from the 2021 Prime Days? Or will it be a bust like the previous years?
  7. nodle

    Vehicle dent removers

    My wife got a door ding in our new car a couple of months ago. I got a quote on it and it was going to run about $175- $200 to remove it. It has been driving me crazy so I thought I would try one of these kits off Amazon. I watched a few YouTube videos on using it and I thought, for $40 I will...
  8. nodle

    Amazon sidewalk

    I know I am behind on my postings, but for you with Amazon devices make sure you disable this upcoming feature. It basically will share your WiFi with your neighbors in a way. More on it here...
  9. nodle

    Prime Days 2020

    Ok, anyone got anything good this year so far?
  10. nodle

    Amazon Luna

    Just saw they came out with this today, cloud gaming no machine only a controller and a monthly fee just like Xbox. Will this take over and kill consoles? What are your thoughts?
  11. nodle

    NeoGeo Mini

    Amazon has a pretty good deal on the NeoGeo mini right now $30.00
  12. nodle

    Prime Days 2019 haul

    Let's see em boys! G.I. Joe - dvd box set. Fire tv stick Outlaw Star blu-ray
  13. nodle

    Amazon Echo wall clock

    Amazon has their wall clock on sale right now for a great price of $24.99 I...
  14. nodle


    I didn't know Amazon had this, but just ran across it. Apparently it is an Amazon company as well. You pay a monthly fee $5.99, then can read unlimited comics etc. This shows how it works: I wonder if @O-Tron has used this?
  15. nodle

    Amazon Alexa devices

    *Started a new thread and separated posts from: Alexa do you work for the CIA? Anyone use one of these still? I see Amazon had a bunh on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. @ndboarder do you still like yours?
  16. nodle

    Amazon Prime days 2018

    I see it starts today, let me know if you see any great deals.
  17. D

    States force online retailers to collect sales tax
  18. C Pav

    Amazon Prime has gone downhill and SUCKS

    Not only has Amazon in general started to suck but now even the payed for Prime is starting to suck as well. Way back even without prime items ordered were at least packaged and shipped fairly quick but with slower shipping. Prime members of course got the 2 day and was pretty reliable. Then it...
  19. nodle

    Amazon Fire Tablets

    So Amazon had a sale over the weekend with $25.00 off their Fire HD 8" version. I also had some credit left over so it only cost me $40 for one. We have the smaller version maybe last years or the year before and my Daughter plays with it. But the screen always seemed small to me. This model is...
  20. D

    A new hack can turn an Echo into a live microphone