1. nodle

    iPhone apps subscription services

    I am kind of sick of everyone following this whole subscription services trend. I don't have a problem with paid apps, but you used to be able to pay a one-time fee for it. Or even a lifetime fee. I am fine with those. Now all these apps are following everyone else and going monthly yearly etc...
  2. nodle

    Spark - email client

    Has anyone ever used Spark for their email client? I know it's free and it seems like people enjoy it.  The best email client for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android | Spark (
  3. nodle

    Weather websites and apps recommendations

    Lets post some links to some weather sites that we use, so that others users may enjoy them and can book mark them for later. Feel free to add your own. I'll start us off. These links are great for tracking the wind patterns. Ventusky - Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps Windy: Wind map &amp...
  4. nodle

    Endel App soothing sounds

    Ran across this thought it was interesting. There are quite a few of these types out there. Actually work, or just hocus pocus?
  5. nodle

    Signal app

    I saw Elon Musk tweet about this awhile back. Looks like Snowden uses it as well.
  6. nodle

    Cryptocurrency phone app

    So this got me thinking this morning. So the creation of a Bitcoin uses the power of your GPU if I am not mistaken, maybe CPU? The more powerful the GPU or CPU the more numbers it can crunch (which I am still confused on what the calculations are being used for). So why not a phone app that can...
  7. nodle

    Starz subscription service

    I see Starz now has a subscription service that ties in with Amazon. I was recently looking at it since it has so many Disney movies. Not to bad at $8.99 a month. Has anyone used it yet?
  8. nodle

    Recommended Mac apps

    I thought I would make a thread on what apps that I have found useful on the Mac. Magnet - Basically brings the "snap to sides" feature from Windows to the Mac. allows side by side windows etc. 1Password - A password manager similar to Lastpass. It is also supported on your Iphone and even...
  9. jthock

    Water drinking app

    I downloaded this app on my android called Water Your Body, and I have never realized how little water I drink until now. It has you put in your weight, then reminds you with a water swooshing sound when you should drink your designated input size. I put in 16 oz water bottle - it is helping me...
  10. nodle

    Google blocks Microsoft YouTube app
  11. nodle

    Windows app store

  12. L

    Radio app being developed for iPhone / iPods

  13. WayneKerr

    Presidents of the United States in the APP store

    Presidents of the United States selling discography as a streaming app for Iphone.  What do you think? *don't know if its a one time charge or monthly*
  14. T

    Cool New Flash Drive App This is a cool new app that i have been playing with. I have it installed with my portable version of firefox on my usb drive. I like the auto login on password protected sites (like fluxoid). It saves me alot of time at work because i have many sites that require...