1. nodle

    Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

    So, I am onto the second part of the series. One thing I have noticed is the CGI has gotten better since the first one. Still though it looks horrible and unnatural. It has been a long time since I have seen this, and I can't help thinking BORING. It's like a long love story. I haven't finished...
  2. D

    Door Kicked In

    What would you do if someone started kicking in your front door? 12 gauge blast? 
  3. D

    Manchester Attack: What They're NOT Telling You

    Parents of suicide bomber Salman Abedi were Libyan refugees. UK gave them sanctuary. 
  4. nodle

    Mini EMP attack in La, New York, & San Francisco?

    So i guess the power is out in LA, New York, and San Francisco. Don't you think that is quite odd? Massive power outage hits San Francisco, shuts down businesses, BART station, traffic lights Maybe a test from Russia? They made this comment earlier this week... Russia claims it can wipe out...
  5. nodle

    DDOS attack on America

    Even though I was away from the internet most of the say, it looks like there was a huge DDOS attack on a major DNS host. What they are not telling you is this is a test for upcoming war. Just a test to see if they can drop communications. DDOS Attack
  6. nodle

    2M Progressive Insurance Dongles Are Vulnerable To Attack

    I'll just leave this here... ;) If you have Progressive Insurance, you will definitely want to read this. Thuen, a security researcher at Digital Bond Labs who will present his findings at the S4 conference in a talk titled Remote Control Automobiles, has been figuring out how he might hack...
  7. nodle

    Cyber Attack Tracking

    I was watching this the other night when the WoW servers were being DDos
  8. nodle

    Subaru Attack on Titan commercial

    For those that do not know this is a very popular anime in Japan.
  9. nodle

    Digital Attack Map

    For displaying all the DOS attacks around the world.
  10. nodle

    The CIA's Secret Heart Attack Gun

    Video & link.
  11. nodle

    Navy Yard attack; Alexis felt 'controlled by radio waves'

    Project MKUltra anyone?
  12. nodle

    1,300 are killed in Syria gas attack

    I love how this isn't even broadcasted on American news yet. Maybe because we sold them the chemical weapons? Oh wait did I say that? :cautious:
  13. nodle

    Russian military drafts options for responding to attack on Iran

  14. nodle

    XerXes DoS Attack

    Some of the same tools lulzsec is using.
  15. nodle

    Malware attack specifically targets Mac users
  16. nodle

    I wonder who we attack next?
  17. nodle

    Toilet paper attack

    Looks like cpav using the bathroom.
  18. nodle

    Robot Unicorn Attack
  19. nodle

    Owl Attack In Slow Motion

  20. nodle

    Russia simulates nuclear attack on Poland