1. ryanator

    Bad concrete work from contractor

    With the city mandating concrete work, we were required to fix some cracked sidewalk slabs. Even though i could have repaired it with patching it and still be nice and level, I had to get a licensed concrete guy to pour a two new slabs and some curb and gutter. the problem happened when he...
  2. nodle

    Does motor oil go bad just sitting?

    Me and me Dad have this discussion quite a bit. Can motor oil sitting in an engine when it's not needing a change harm the engine? Most oil changes recommend xxxxxx miles or every 6 month etc. But why do you need to change it say in the 6 months if you only have 1,000 miles on it? Does it...
  3. nodle

    Bad things you have done at your work

    Let's post thing bad things that we have done at our work. Please don't use the location or companies names. I'll start us off. One of my very first jobs one evening I thought it would be cool to miss pool chemicals together. Little did I know that ammonia and bleach don't go together. Let's...
  4. nodle

    Is waking up early bad for your health?

    As I was laying in bed this morning this thought came across my mind, "is waking up unnaturally bad for your health"? I mean obliviously your body is telling you it's not ready when you wake up and are still tired. So as we all do setting an alarm clock and then interrupting your sleep cycle is...
  5. D

    Bad rabbit ransomware spreads
  6. nodle

    Bad days in general

    Ever just have a "Bad day" that just messes up the rest of your day. I came in this morning and my boss asked me if I got a price on somethings, and I just froze because I realized i dun goofed. It was bad I just couldn't figure out why I had forgot all about it. I was like "what was I...
  7. nodle

    Bad service at restaurants

    Nothing is worse than being in a good mood and going into a restaurant to grab something to eat then get bad customer service. Now first off I am very, very tolerant. More than most people. I mean come on we all have had bad days, just don't feel like working, or maybe your boss has thrown to...
  8. nodle

    Talk about bad luck

    Middle School Basketball Team Loses Title Game After Final Shot Gets Stuck On Rim
  9. nodle

    Somone is having a bad day

  10. nodle

    Breaking Bad - alternative ending

    I never knew this, but on the last season DVD there is an alternative ending where it has Bryan Cranston playing the role of his Malcolm in the Middle character Hal waking up from a nightmare which happens to be the events of Breaking Bad. 91034065
  11. nodle

    In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf

    I see she's got a new video out. :love:
  12. nodle

    Bad coffee

    Coffee is a strange thing. There is a fine balance to be had with it. I guess first it starts with the coffee blend itself. I don't like a weak coffee, but I also don't like a bold coffee. I need a medium blend. Next is I like to use a flavored creamer in mine. Here is where you have to be...
  13. jmanz

    Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul/Price is Right

    Back several years ago, Aaron Paul was on the Price Is Right.
  14. nodle

    Attempted hit & run goes from bad to worse

  15. nodle

    I thought he looked familar (Breaking Bad)

    Who do we have here?
  16. nodle

    That was a bad idea

    Not to smart. :confused:
  17. nodle

    Vista and it's "Bad Rep"

    You know I will be the first to admit Vista really did get a bad reputation unfairly. When It first came out yes it has problems. I think alot of it has to do with change (not as bad as Windows 8 mind you. At least we still could navigate around). Also alot of software/drivers had a problem...
  18. nodle

    I don't feel bad for her

    Well, what did you expect?
  19. nodle

    Doctors: Hot Dogs Are as Bad as Cigarettes