1. nodle

    The rise and fall of Guitar Hero & Rock Band

    Here awhile back we were in an arcade and in the corner, they had the arcade version of Guitar Hero. My Daughter asked about it and I tried to explain it to her what it was all about. You know these were great games. I think most of the members here can agree that we all loved these types of...
  2. nodle

    Touch screen band-aids

    I think a band-aid maker should make 'touch screen' band-aids. I cut my thumb earlier today and I had to place a band-aid over it. Well I went to use my cell phone and you use your thumb and other fingers so much that I had to keep using my left hand. If they made a material that is reactive...
  3. D

    Band that sounds like CCR?

  4. nodle

    Ned Flanders themed metal band

    Actually not to bad. The bands name is Okilly Dokilly.
  5. nodle

    Babymetal the band

    For those that have never heard of this band they just released their new music video. They are a great band and loved their last album. Looking forward to the new one.
  6. nodle

    "Vacation" Red Band Trailer

    Well here it is boys, what we have all been waiting for. Thoughts?
  7. nodle

    Rock Band 4 Announced

    Excited! :) Here's the vital information: It will be on PS4 and Xbox One       Harmonix intends it to be fully backwards-compatible with ALL plastic instruments you may have already bought back in the mid-late '00s, and is working with Microsoft and Sony to make this a reality       All...
  8. nodle

    Microsoft Band

    It's official. Microsoft's new device is called the "Microsoft Band". Microsoft Band Official Webpage Microsoft Band Video Key Features - Microsoft Health (cloud-based service, taps data...
  9. nodle

    FEMM - Far East Mention Mannequins Agency Syndicate

    Found this awesome new band love all their tunes. Some of the best beats/lyrics I have heard in sometime.
  10. nodle

    Alestorm pirate band

    This bad randomly came up on my Pandora today. I looked at their stuff, it's basically a bunch of songs sang like pirates. Metal pirate music.
  11. ryanator

    Thunderstruck - One man acoustic band!

    All I can say, this is insane, even does the one hand intro guitar playing on acoustic.
  12. WayneKerr

    Dawes the band

    On the way to work the other day, I heard this song on public radio. I didn't catch the name of the show, but I remembered enough of the lyrics to find it on google then youtube. They have been on letterman and some other late night shows. I have liked most of the songs I heard on the show...
  13. jmanz

    Coheed Band Member In Trouble

    Rocker accused of pharmacy theft before US show – 13 hrs ago tweet33       Email       Print       MANSFIELD, Massachusetts (AP)...
  14. nodle

    Rage against the band

  15. nodle

    Chick Faceplants At Worst Band Ever
  16. nodle

    This drummer is way to advanced for this band!

  17. nodle

    Rock Band 3 piano?

    Oh boy this is interesting.
  18. nodle

    Trent Reznor's NEW BAND: How To Destroy Angels

    Trent and his wife. Gonna be awesome.
  19. nodle

    Owl City music band

    I don't know why I like this song so much. But I listened to it last night over and over.