1. nodle

    Becoming an Author

    Has anyone ever considered writing a book before? I mean write a complete story and try to get it published? Seems like it's a lot easier these days with Amazon and other publishers. 
  2. nodle

    Eyes in the Sky: The Secret Rise of Gorgon Stare

    Started reading this book last night. It really shows you how far surveillance has come in the sky. What was only imagined as something from science fiction, is floating over your head right now, filming constantly everywhere at every second all in glorious HD with zoom...
  3. nodle

    Does the Trump family have access to a time machine?

    Yes I know this one is quite strange, but this is all real. This one made me even put my tinfoil hat one, but I looked it up and it's all true. Even Snopes admitted it's true.
  4. nodle


    I didn't know Amazon had this, but just ran across it. Apparently it is an Amazon company as well. You pay a monthly fee $5.99, then can read unlimited comics etc. This shows how it works: I wonder if @O-Tron has used this?
  5. nodle

    Bookstores, where did they all go?

    I know with the rise of digital technology the age of bookstore has pretty much vanished. I remember what a treat it was to go in a Barnes & Nobles, or a Hastings to see the vast book selection. We still have a small bookstore in our town here. I use to visit it was I was a little kid. We...
  6. nodle

    Age of Swords

    Just finished up part two to the Age of Myth book series posted here: This was just as good or if not better than the first book. There is also a third book to the series coming out in April 2018. They are a good fantasy book series.
  7. nodle

    Audio books

    Does anyone listen to audio books? I know it seems over the years they have become quite popular. I have a co-workers that listens to the constantly. He is usually driving truck, so he gets to take in a book while being hands free. He let me listen for about 5 minutes once and I didn't care for...
  8. nodle

    Age of Myth

    Finished up this book. It started out good, then hit a slow point. I almost gave up but said I would read to 50%. Then it got really good and blew through the end. I am now on the second book in the series.
  9. D

    David Irving (author)

    Anyone familiar with his work? His book on Winston Churchill's War is stunning. Churchill was a real dirtbag.  He gives good talks too. Has been accused of anti-Semitism but, he just uses source material and let's the readers draw their own conclusions.  ...
  10. nodle

    Currently Reading

    Thought members could post what books they are currently reading.
  11. nodle

    Where's Waldo?

    For some reason tonight I just thought about the Where's Waldo books. How cool were they when they came out? I remember being in school when the first came out and they were so popular. We would all just sit there and try to find Waldo. Then new ones would come out. When my Daughter get's older...
  12. nodle

    First 5 Game of Thrones books for $9.69

    For those of you that may be interested. First 5 Game of Thrones books for $9.69 on Amazon/Kindle/U.S.
  13. nodle

    Amazon and free books

    I have been noticing Amazon giving away the first book in a series free. I think this a wise decision. In fact the last book series that I read was from a free book in the series. Then I ended up purchasing more in the series. So therefore then actually made money just by getting me hooked on...
  14. nodle

    Book anti theft device

    So I had a dream about this last night. Don't ask me why. But basically hidden between the spine of a book and where all the pieces of paper meet the spine would be a thin layer strip of dye. At one end a anti-theft magnetic strip. Basically someone tried to steal the book the magnetic strip...
  15. nodle

    The Sorcerers Ring Book #1

    Was looking for something new to read after finishing my last book. Amazon had this first book for free so I tried it. Really loved the cover of the books so it attracted me to them. Then it became a great story. Not overly complex either. I'm onto book #2 now.
  16. nodle

    Reading Books

    Just wondering how much reading everyone does here per week?
  17. nodle

    Writing book on kindness - then shot

  18. jmanz

    Steve Jobs Book

    Anybody getting this? Been reading some articles about it, sounds pretty interesting. Might have to pick it up.
  19. nodle

    Texas Woman Jailed for Overdue Library Books
  20. nodle

    Pentagon Plan: Buying Books to Keep Secrets