1. nodle

    Streaming Black Box

    With all the modern day technology, and with the latest Iran Black Box problem, why not make the Black Boxes stream data to an offsite backup? I mean cellular or satellite technology is there for this why not take advantage of it? I'm sure most of it is technical data, it's not like they are...
  2. ryanator

    Homemade and store-bought air purifiers

    So I've been looking into air purification lately. I have an 18 year old Holmes tower room purifier that I originally bought for white noise. I never wanted to spend $500+ for the big ones (home or shop), so I came across a very simple but effective DIY method. This can be used for anything...
  3. nodle

    Dirt sifter box

    Built myself a dirt sifter box tonight. My dad picked me up some construction screen and I used 2x2s for the framework. Think I am going to pick up some drawer handles for the sides to make it easier to carry and sift. Been out mining crystals so this should help.
  4. nodle

    Big Brother wants a Black Box in your car

  5. nodle

    The Black Box Secrets
  6. nodle

    Deadwood series Amazon Gold box deals

    I have never watched this but I know jmanz says it's good. Both Blu-ray and DVD...
  7. C Pav

    I have decided that once I get 44,444 X Box 360 gamer score

    I am quitting gaming. I only need 133 more points and then done.
  8. WayneKerr

    Bloom Box fuel cells

    Here are some edits engadget live blog notes
  9. C Pav

    The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (X Box 360) I just finished this game last night. It was released w while back on the X Box 360 Live Arcade but was half off in December so I bought it. It's a point and click adventure game where you have to find items and clues to...
  10. nodle

    Microwave a box of wine?
  11. C Pav

    Shadow Complex (X Box 360 XBLA) Wow, what an awesome game for an X Box 360 arcade title. I got the game half price when Microsoft was running a Christmas deals special each day leading up to Christmas and New Years. The game is a side scrolling shooter like...
  12. C Pav

    The Bigs (X Box 360) Wow, what a fun baseball game. It's not a serious take on baseball but rather an arcade style baseball game. If you prefer a fast paced slug fest rather then a simulation style baseball game then this game is for you. It has all the teams...
  13. nodle

    The Box the movie

    From the director of Donnie Darko.
  14. C Pav

    Fight Night Round 3 (X Box 360) Well here is the review(sort of) that I promised from the thread I made with the poll asking which game I would purchase, play and review. Fight Night Round 3 is the last installment of EA Sports boxing series and the best so far. Graphics...
  15. C Pav

    Gears of War 2 (X Box 360) Nodle and I started this, finally, last night on co-op campain and it's just like the first.....Awesome. Pretty much the same except for aded moves and a few new weapons. Only played a few levels so can't comment much further. I am a big Gears of...
  16. C Pav

    Enchanted Arms (X Box 360)

    I started this over the weekend but didn't get too much into it yet. I can only comment on the battle system from what I played so far. It's a grid based battle system sort of like FInal Fantasy Tactics. You have 2 grids, one is yours and the other si the enemies. You can't cross over into the...
  17. C Pav

    Alone in the Dark (X Box 360) I started playing this and despite a lot of bad reviews I find it pretty fun for the most part. It does have some flaws but still worth playing if rented or found cheap. Story is a demonic power is destroying the city and it's up to you to stop it. You travel...
  18. C Pav

    Eternal Sonata (X Box 360)

    Bought this game from nodle recently and started playing it. Beautiful game. The worlds and characters are such vibramt colors. The gameplay is great too if you like traditional role playing games. The story so far is a group of kids who want to go to the count and ask that mineral powder(which...
  19. C Pav

    X Box 360 Live Point conversion site!

    Allows you to convert points into the cost for the points:
  20. C Pav

    Blue Dragon (X Box 360) I am over 30 hours into this game and I love it. Blue Dragon is a traditional, sort of, RPG where you control a group of characters through the world. It's pretty open but does direct you in which direction you need to go...