1. nodle

    Enhancer for YouTube web browser extension

    So last week I was looking for an extension for Microsoft Edge that would allow me when visiting YouTube to always play the highest quality without me having to set it. I used to use one awhile back, but it went away. I ran across this one here...
  2. J

    Brave Web-Browser

    I just came across an article via flipboard and thought I'd pass the link. Brave Web-Browser
  3. nodle

    Vivaldi web browser

    Ran across this web browser last night. It is based on Chrome but the old CEO of Opera has built it. I am typing on it right now trying it out. It is a highly customizable browser with a lot of unique customizations such as color schemes and tabs options. Check it out.
  4. nodle

    Microsoft's Edge browser

    Bye Bye IE, it has never been fun. (Netscape Navigator for life!). But it looks like they are going with a Chrome based version. Source
  5. D

    Doom emulator
  6. D

    Browse faster and safer with Brave.

    Browse faster and safer with Brave.
  7. nodle

    Web browser ad blocking software

    I thought I would mention this for those of you that use ad blocking software in Firefox or Chrome such as Ad-block or Ad-block plus. Recently they decided to let people pay to get around their blocks. So most people are switching to U-block origin. I have personally seen it also and even my Mom...
  8. nodle

    Lego in your browser

    Well there goes my afternoon.
  9. nodle

    Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer as Europe's dominant browser
  10. nodle

    RockMelt browser

    Looks like a new browser...
  11. nodle

    Dell KACE Secure Browser
  12. nodle

    Pale Moon web browser
  13. nodle

    What does everyone use for their browser homepage?

    What does everyone use as their homepage? I have always use since I can remember. But ever since they switched to their new format, it's kinda all over the place. My mom was just commenting on this yesterday and was wondering what does everyone use here?
  14. nodle

    Internet Explorer 9 - web browser

    Try it out (even though I would use Firefox instead :biggrin: )
  15. nodle

    Windows 7's European browser ballot screen revealed
  16. nodle

    Minefield web browser

    This is an alternative web browser similar to Firefox. But faster than any browser out there atm? <------ from what I have read. Still not stable though.
  17. W

    Screwed up Browser history

    Ok here is the deal, one day I was clicking around and accidentally clicked on something and drug it to and IE window. I dont know what it was but here is what happened. Notice how in the drop down menu it says I have went to c: and \\alexandria This is what my drop down menu looks like no...
  18. nodle

    Opera 9.5 web browser

    Been trying this out today. I really like the new theme etc. In fact i even removed Firefox3 off the system and have been using this. I see that next Tue. the Official Firefox 3 is suppose to be released.
  19. nodle

    Play Commodore 64 games in your browser

  20. nodle

    Web browser poll

    This will help my with changing the site please vote...