1. ryanator

    Stuff (clutter)

    So stuff. I have it, you have it, we all have it. The question is, how much do you have of it? Is it overwhelming, cluttering up your space? Or maybe you bought a bigger house because of it. You told yourself that you needed more space for the family and couldn't live in your current...
  2. nodle

    De-greasing an engine

    I decided to de-grease my car's engine. I had a small oil spill that I think the last person to change my oil did on the side of my engine. I wanted to make sure that it's clean ans not leaking a gasket. I have never done it and just bought some purple stuff too it down to the buggy bath and...
  3. nodle

    Having to cleanup Fall leaves

    I love the Fall I do. But the downside is all the leaves the trees drop. I have been trying to keep up on my yard and it seems like I am outside everyday now raking up leaves. The funny part is they are not even from my own trees but the neighbors. I did purchase a leaf blower/sucker thing last...
  4. nodle

    Nicely organized utility room

  5. nodle

    How to clean an AK

    lol love this.
  6. nodle

    Clean a grill with coffee.

    If your grill has a bunch of grease burned on it you'll usually need to spend your time aggressively scrubbing it with steel wool to get it clean. For an easier way you can try a bunch of unused coffee into your grill for an easy cleaning. Since coffee is acidic it works great for cleaning up...
  7. O-Tron

    We need to just clean the House, literally's the speaker of the house? Really?
  8. ndboarder

    Would you let this person clean your home?

    So, apparently one of the janitors (sanitation engineer?) is hard up and looking to make money one the side.  There was a hand written note put up in a break room, written on plain white paper with blue dry erase marker that said the following (these are not typos, they spelled just as I've...
  9. F

    Clean Your RAM & Make Your Computer Speed Better

    Clean your RAM You may recognize that your system gets slower and slower when playing and working a lot with your Desktop or a laptop. Thats because your RAM is full of remaining progress pieces you do not need any more. 1. Open the Notepad and type: FreeMem=Space(64000000) 2. Save it as...
  10. Ludacris

    Disk Clean Up

    So my disk clean-up on my computer no longer works.  I let it calculate "the disk room to be cleaned up" for 24 hours and it still didn't get done.  I can de-frage without problems.  Is there anyway to get my disk clean up working again??