1. C Pav

    Video Game Collecting Mega Thread

    Since we have a sports card thread, as well as plenty of game threads but nothing about the growing collecting of video games, I am starting this thread. Just like sports cards, and anything collectable. video games have jumped big time in value. I know I have a large amount of old and newer...
  2. nodle

    Shrek: The Ultimate Collection [Blu-ray]

    @C Pav Shrek: The Ultimate Collection (Blu-ray + Digital) is $20.66 on Amazon after listed coupon
  3. C Pav

    The sports cards mega thread

    I think anything relating to collectable or able to be scalped is seeing insane prices. Take sports cards. You laugh and give me a hard time but if you only knew how utterly insane it has blown up. You don't know the pain I can't shake from selling my pride and joy Shaq and Kobe collection back...
  4. nodle

    CIA releases tons of new UFO documents

    The CIA has just released a ton of new UFO documents. The site below has searchable .PDFs or you can download the entire CD-ROM collection.
  5. nodle

    Collection of Mana - Nintendo Switch

    Physical copy $29.99, @C Pav @ryanator
  6. D

    IRS outsourcing debt collections to private contractors

    Did you know that since 2015 they have been outsourcing debt collections to private contractors? I guess the contractors got in trouble recently for convincing collectees that they should take out second mortgages on their home to pay off the IRS. 
  7. nodle

    Making backups of your dvd/blue-ray collections

    So I think I posted in a thread about trying to get my dvds/blue-rays backed up on stored on my Drobo then hopefully pushed out through Plex. So I thought I would keep track of my journey and see what works and what doesn't. I first started with getting a blue-ray/dvd reader. I just ordered one...
  8. nodle

    Backing up DVD or Blu-ray collection

    Has anyone ever got into backing up their movie collection to digital? I have been thinking about it since my Drobo supports Plex. Plex seems like the choice for streaming. I have quite a few movies and sometimes I feel like watching them but I am to lazy to go and pop in a disk. I have been...
  9. nodle

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Digital

    Who wants to buy this from my friend? It's a digital code. He is willing to trade for other digital codes for different xbox one games also. :)
  10. BR3W3R

    Friends Game Collection @C Pav
  11. nodle

    Amazing Nintendo collection

  12. C Pav

    Game Collection

    Original: Fixed:
  13. nodle

    Final Fantasy collection

    Wow this has to be the best Final Fantasy collection that I have ever seen! :o
  14. Exile

    Diecast Aircraft Collection

    I've decided to start a diecast aircraft collection; which will mainly consist of prominent aircraft of the WWII theaters. The exceptions will be modern Canadian aircraft and also planes that revolutionized warfare (example: SR-71 Blackbird). I'm opting for limited editions, so that means my...
  15. nodle

    Godzilla collection
  16. WayneKerr

    How much is your steam collection "worth" Found 24 Games with a value of $307.76 USD I am sure I spent less than $100. 10 of these are from the humble indie bundle I spent $5.00 on and portal was free.
  17. nodle

    The complete collection of rage faces

  18. nodle

    HD: The Three Stooges Collection, Volumes 1-8

    Thanks to ndboarder on this one. It's an awesome deal they are top quality A+. I have them all except I paid anywhere from $20-30 a collection.
  19. nodle

    Star wars collections

    These bring back so many toy memories!
  20. nodle

    UFOs Photo Collection from Year 1870 to 2008 -Over 275 Photo