1. nodle

    Pacific Drive

    I have been hearing quite a bit about this game as well. It's only available on Steam and the PS5 at the moment, but hopefully it will come to the Xbox. It looks like a post-apocalyptic driving simulator.
  2. nodle

    How good is your adblocker?

    Here is a nice little site to test how well your adblocker is working. What is your score? I got a 95% Total: 150 142 blocked 8 not blocked
  3. nodle

    AI generated artwork

    What is the latest trend with all of this AI generated art lately? While it is beautiful, the computer is the actual artist. I keep seeing it more and more. But will this make true artists lazy and no longer do art? Are we witnessing the last era or artistry?
  4. nodle

    Your past computers nostalgia stories

    I was talking to @C Pav about past computers this morning. Let's touch on a brief history of what we have gone through. The first PC that I purchased was an IBM computer from RadioShack. I had to take a loadout for it. It cost me about 4 grand. I think it was a 286? I can't be certain. Then I...
  5. nodle

    Project: Don't let the wife know #3

    Well, I have been running my NZXT case, fans, and water cooling for a while. I ordered a new Corsair case, and went back to all Corsair fans, water cooling, and components. I really just enjoy Corsair stuff so much more. Thier quality of their cases are top notch! 
  6. nodle

    exFAT vs. NTFS for usb drives

    Just an FYI, don't be like me and have a NTFS formatted flash drive and wonder why things are so slow. Most modern PCs will work with exFAT now and there is a big difference in speed. What Is the Best File Format for USB Drives? (
  7. nodle

    Monitor light bars

    I have been looking at a monitor light bar for my computer setup at home. They basically direct a beam of light only on your desk so that it doesn't hit your eyes or monitor screen. I might try one. Anyone ever used one, or have one? You can see one in the example below.
  8. nodle

    Operation Britomartis - The worlds largest mesh computing project

    I started thinking about Bitcoins tonight. Not only the popularity of it, but more of the way the coins are 'mined' or produced. They currently are 'mined' from GPUs or video card, harnessing their power to create a virtual coin, or at least a small portion of a coin. There are tons of different...
  9. nodle

    God of War - PC

    Looks like God of War is coming to PC. I never thought I would see this happen.
  10. nodle

    PC Building Simulator - Free

    I bought this (yet to play with it), but hey it's free! PC Building Simulator | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store
  11. nodle

    Windows Hello

    Does anyone use Windows Hello, either the facial recognition or the fingerprint reader? I think it would a much simpler way to unlock a computer or my passwords.
  12. nodle

    Project - new desktop speakers

    So I had a nice set of Bose desktop speakers, but I feel down the rabbit hole once again and ordered some Micca MB42X speakers, and a Fosi tube class D amplifier with some Riverstone audio tubes, not the Chinese crap tubes. I hand wired all my own cables using 16awg wire with banana plugs. It's...
  13. nodle

    Windows 11

    What's your thoughts on the new version of MacOS Windows?
  14. nodle

    Updated Windows File Explorer design

    Microsoft’s Windows File Explorer has existed in the operating system since Windows 95, and it has served as a focal point for design concepts ever since. I’ve seen a variety of mockups over the years that try to redesign the File Explorer and modernize it, but Reddit user Alur2020 has really...
  15. nodle

    Metro 2033 (PC) is free

    Free on Steam for a limited time.
  16. nodle

    SSD price increase in 2021?
  17. nodle

    Project - Don't let the wife know #2

    So just like this time every year, I am starting to get the itch to build another computer. Or at least upgrade my current once. I just did this a year ago, so I am fairly up to date, but wouldn't mind getting a new case etc. I am currently looking at a Factual Meshify 2 case or their new Define...
  18. nodle

    Raspberry Pi 4

    Looks like new model came out, with tons of new power. Pretty amazing! Buy a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B – Raspberry Pi
  19. nodle

    Action figures in your PC case trend

    So I keep seeing this everywhere. It seems like people are buying those Pop Funko figures and are putting them in their PC cases. Is this the next RGB trend?
  20. nodle

    What mouse do you use for your computer?

    I'm thinking about a new mouse for my home PC, and was wondering what everyone uses? I currently use a Logitech G502, but was thinking about a new Coarsair mouse. Looking at the M65 RGB Elite, or the Ironclaw. Here is my current: The two I am considering: