1. nodle

    Something strange is happening to our fruits and vegetables

    Been seeing quite a few people talking about this, and a lot of fruit and vegetables recalls lately.
  2. nodle

    Did the U.S. invade Iraq over a Stargate?

    I see this story so much online, and to my surprise we don't have a thread on here for it. So anyways there is a lot of talk online for years now, that the whole reason we invaded Iraq was because they found a real Stargate over there. The massive building covering the site, is quite strange...
  3. nodle

    The solar eclipse on April 8th 2024

    So I have been holding off making a post on this. But it seems like it’s becoming bigger and bigger. Not only in the eclipse strange but now you have CERN firing up the same day and NASA launching some weird rockets as well. What are tour thoughts?
  4. nodle

    Underwater anomaly off the coast of Malibu

    I have been reading about this, apparently it was on Google maps, and now these have scrubbed it.
  5. nodle

    Does blue paint prevent direct energy weapons?

    I never made a post back when the Maui fires happened, but people noticed the homes with blue roofs or blue cars were not targeted. Now the president comes out and makes a comment about them. What do you think? Did he slip up? I really don’t know what else he could had meant by it to be honest.
  6. nodle

    Is there an antenna on the moon?

    This does seem quite alarming, and here is an official link so you can see for yourself. Here is the direct link from the university responsible for the NASA images for this project: Source
  7. nodle

    Miami Florida mall aliens

    Yes, we have all seen these videos/posts being posted everywhere lately online. People are claiming 10-foot-tall aliens landed and walked around a Miami shopping mall. I personally don't believe it. What is your thought?
  8. nodle

    Billionaires starting to build underground bunkers

    So I think this warrants its own thread now. When Mark Zuckerberg first did it, it was strange enough. Then Jeff Bozo started to do it. Now we're up to 12? It does seem odd. They are worried about something. There is no other reason. So what's the reason? Retaliation for something? Something...
  9. nodle

    Dycenian Glass

  10. nodle

    Mad Man Mike and his Time Machine

    I watched this and enjoyed it. While I don’t really believe it, it was a good watch.
  11. nodle

    Israel & Palestine funneling money and weapons to Russia and China?

    Well, I hated to do it, but it probably deserves its own thread since I have a feeling there are going to be many posts to keep track of. Hopefully I don't have to start one for Tiawan.
  12. nodle

    October 4th emergency broadcast conspiracy

    I have been holding off on posting this because I don't even believe it. But sure, seems like a bunch of people talking about this emergency broadcast system tone that is supposed to happen tomorrow. Some say the tone will make who ever got the vaccine die, others say it will turn them in to...
  13. nodle

    Project Sandman happening soon?

    I have seeing this posted the last two days, it’s an interesting theory.
  14. nodle

    Witches controlling Congress members or something else?

    I have to admit this is quite strange, from the mimicking of the “ums” to even the mess up. Is it a Nura link, witchcraft, mind control? Whatever it is it’s quite strange. Even if she wrote it how can you explain the mess up?
  15. nodle

    Russia hypersonic missile destroys bunker?

    I keep reading about this more and more that a couple of weeks ago Russia used one of their hypersonic missiles to destroy a bunker that apparently killed like 200 NATO generals and 30-40 Americans as well? I see a lot on it, no way to know if it's true or not. Anyone else hear about it?
  16. nodle

    Clouds to block out the sun

    Man this is pretty wild.
  17. nodle

    A satellite capable of creating earthquakes and wildfires?

    Does the U.S. or another country have the capability to create earthquakes from space? With the recent large earthquake over in Turkey, I noticed in some of the older posts here on Fluxoid a common theme. Swirling clouds in the sky, strange cloud rainbows etc. This seems to happen right before a...
  18. nodle

    Chinese surveillance ballon floating across the U.S.

  19. nodle

    Forcing the mRNA vaccine in your body

    So, I have been meaning to make this thread for a while now, but thought it was due time for some things I have been seeing lately. The ultimate goal is to get the mRNA into everyone. They first tried fear with covid, and not every fell for it. So now they are looking for alternative routes. I...
  20. nodle

    The Rosetta conspiracy

    Was the landing on the comet really just a cover up for something stranger?