1. nodle

    Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2018

    2018 Hard Drive Failure Rates: What 100,000+ Hard Drives Tell Us At the end of 2018 Backblaze was monitoring 104,954 hard drives used to store data. For our evaluation we remove from consideration those drives that were used for testing purposes and those drive models for which we did not have...
  2. nodle

    Best brand of hard drive?

    I would like to see what brand people prefer for their hard drive these days? I have switched brands throughout the years, but lately I have been using the Seagate 'Iron Wolfs' for my NAS. I know the WD reds are suppose to be good as well. For regular computers I always recommend a SSD or .M2...
  3. nodle

    WD 8TB external drive

    Best Buy currently has the WD 8TB usb 3.0 drive on sale for $139.99. Word on the street is if you crack one open they have a WB red nas drive inside. Tempting for the amount of storage that you are getting for the money.
  4. nodle

    120gig SSD drive

    What is your excuse now? Kingston 120gig SSD - $21.99
  5. nodle

    Drive Bender

    Kinda like Stablebit's Drivepool Drive Bender is another version of pooling software. Basically combining multiple drives into a single large drive but using a native NTFS format and duplication, meaning that if something happens you can just pull the drive and read the files in another system...
  6. jthock

    Mega Drive (synthwave)

    Been getting into 80s style (retrowave/synthwave) lately. At first it can just be noise, but as most of the songs progress, they also progress in complexity and greatness. :) 198xad, full album: foresee Timecop as really good Summer afternoon...
  7. nodle

    Laptop killing USB drive

    The USB Killer is a booby-trapped, hand-made USB drive that will "burn down" your laptop if you insert it into your USB slot. First described on the Russian site Habrahahbr, the USB Killer's origin story has now been translated into English: The basic idea of the USB drive is quite simple...
  8. nodle

    WD Black 2 hybrid drive

    Interesting a great idea and a great start. Basically a 120gig SSD with a 1 terabyte platter built into one 2.5" drive. Review Official Link
  9. nodle

    Microsoft's One Drive

  10. C Pav

    Fast food to go orders and drive throu orders

    Why more often than not when an order is messed up it's never in your favor? They always short you an item or screw you over and give you some cheap item. Reason for this rant is my Taco Johns order was messed up the other day. Ordered a number 2 combo for wife and a number five for myself. The...
  11. nodle

    Windows won't boot blinking cursor - unformatted hard drive

    Ran into this yesterday and thought I would post the fix in case someone else runs into it. Basically the machine would just boot there with a blinking cursor. Tried to boot off a OS cd to try to repair it, and it couldn't see an OS either. Pulled the drive and hooked it up to another machine...
  12. nodle

    Encrypting your flash drive

    For those of you that carry around these each day you should really run some sort of encryption on them in case of theft/lost. I have used the turtorial that I will post below many times and it works great. Just make sure to save yourself some room on your device to drop the Truecrypt folder...
  13. nodle

    Drive the movie

    Watched this last night. Heard good things about it. But my God the pauses, who talks like that? The movie was so so, could had been real good. A 5/10.
  14. nodle

    How much is that drive going to cost you?

    A neat little website when you can add your starting point and destination and it tell you based off the vehicle that you how drive how much your trip will cost. It figures in the MPG and current gas prices for you. />
  15. nodle

    Drive Vaccine

    Had a hotel bring in a machine today that needed software installed so that customers can't mess up the system. I have been around Deep Freeze before and Windows Steady State (which is no longer supported). So we tried out this software and it was easy to work with and even had some nice options...
  16. nodle

    Hard drive prices

    For those of you that need to buy hardrives right now, be prepared to pay at least double right now thanks to all the flooding. All the stores around town are sold out now. People are buying them up. Alot of people are switching to SSD because of the prices which are making the SSD prices go up...
  17. nodle

    Giving blood, where does it go?

    I know giving blood is a good thing, but what do they do with it all? I am sure that it expires all the time. But with so many people giving wouldn't there be enough? Or?
  18. nodle

    Microsoft Abandons Development of WHS Drive Extender

    WOW didn't see that one coming. Thanks god I still got the original!
  19. nodle

    We can fix your hard drive

  20. jmanz

    Snake Thrown Into Drive Through Window

    Snake thrown into drive-through in Williston WILLISTON, N.D. (AP) — A Williston man faces a disorderly conduct charge after allegedly throwing a 2 1/2-foot long rat snake through a restaurant's drive-through window late Saturday. WILLISTON, N.D. (AP) — A Williston man faces a disorderly...