1. ryanator

    Running sandals

    Recently I bought a pair of "running" sandals, ran in them this morning on the treadmill and really liked them. There was a nice promotional discount going on for the holidays, so I went ahead and purchased the Earth Runners Alpha Lifestyle Sandals. I was looking into these for a little over a...
  2. nodle

    The last man on Earth

    I always think about posting this, but sometime when I am on my way to work in the mornings and I don't see any vehicles on the road I start to get excited. I think "maybe I am the last man on the Earth". The longer I don't see a vehicle the more excited I get. Then I see one come around the...
  3. D

    Massive solar storm that will slam Earth tomorrow

    A huge solar storm is heading for Earth, and it's likely to hit tomorrow. The storm could knockout satellites, disrupt power supplies and spark stunning displays of the Northern Lights. It was created last week by an enormous explosion in the sun's atmosphere known as a solar flare, and...
  4. nodle

    Is the Earth really flat?

    I have to admit it is interesting. Wouldn't it be easier with a model rocket though? Source
  5. nodle

    Edward Snowden: Aliens Are Trying To Contact Planet Earth

  6. nodle

    WT1190F on it's way to Earth

    UFO on it's way to Earth? WTF UFO: Unknown Space Object Dubbed WT1190F On Collision Course With Earth
  7. nodle

    Earth Roamer XVLT

    Man this is really quite the vehicle. I even watched the full exterior and interior view. This would be great to take camping. Exterior
  8. nodle

    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    What no one is talking about this game? I have heard great things about it.
  9. nodle

    The tilted Earth theory

    Ok here is my theroy about our current weather and seasons over the last few years. I believe that they Earth has been tilted some time over the last ten years. It seems like the weather the we use to get has moved back east. I also feel that our seasons have changed because of this. My internal...
  10. nodle

    Google Earth spots huge, unidentified structures in Gobi desert
  11. nodle

    Earth will run out of Helium in 25 years

  12. nodle

    President Eisenhower was told aliens are on earth

  13. nodle

    North Dakota and the world's last "Square Earth" map

  14. nodle

    Earth in the solar system

  15. nodle

    Secret military mini-shuttle headed back to Earth
  16. nodle

    Man scrawls a country-spanning message into the Earth via GPS
  17. nodle

    Satellites Orbiting Earth by Country
  18. nodle

    Mystery Object to Whizz by Earth Wednesday

    This doesn't make much sense. How can they know it's going to happen, but not know what it is?
  19. nodle

    The Man from Earth

    Watched this, was interesting, plus I like how the whole movie just basically took place in one room. A 9/10.
  20. nodle

    The Earth and it's axis

    Ok how many of you think that the Earth's schedule is messed up? Don't you think that the Earth's seasons are off by about 4 months? I think we need to adjust our calendars and push them back. I wonder if the Russians have tested their axis machine or something? Hmmm.