1. nodle

    Firefox 29

    Man looks like a big update. Changed a bunch of things. Sexy as always. :cool:
  2. nodle

    Recommended Firefox addons

    For those of us that use Firefox. What add ons do you use or recommend? Please when posting post the link also. I will update this as I add more. Feel free to do the same. I'll start with mine: uBlock Origin - The add-on you want to use now if you want to block ads.       Adblock Plus - The...
  3. nodle

    Firefox 20

    Firefox 20 is out today with a bunch of new stuff. Love the new download thing.
  4. nodle

    Firefox's build in PDF reader

    I must say I love this new feature that they built into the new Firefox, who needs to go get extra software when it's built in? Plus in a way I kinda prefer it over Adobe's.
  5. nodle

    Firefox 13

    Is out, that is all. :p
  6. nodle

    Firefox 5 is out

    Yes it's strange after 4 was released not to long ago. Or just goto "help" in your current Firefox and select "check for updates" and it will auto update.
  7. nodle

    Firefox 4.0

    It's out! I finally upgraded. A few of my add-ons don't work yet, but overall everything is great so smooth!
  8. nodle

    Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer as Europe's dominant browser
  9. nodle

    Firefox Extension lets users hack Facebook / Twitter
  10. nodle

    Beta build of Firefox 4 is out

    I love the new look and speed. A few of the addons work, as soon as they do I will switch to it full time. Whats new? Give it a run!
  11. nodle

    FarmVille Bug Helps Prompt Firefox Update
  12. nodle

    Firefox Thesaurus/Dictionary addon-on

    I would love an add-on, or better yet just built in by default a Thesaurus. I did search for a add-on with the Thesaurus. There are some but not what I want. I would love to be able to highlight a word then select Thesaurus then have a top-ten words that pop out on the side and be able to click...
  13. J

    FireFox Add ons

    hey guy's, what other add ons do you all have? i got my computer back from a friend who installed this scipt add on. now i am curious as into what others are using and what might be good to add on. thanks
  14. nodle

    FYI: Firefox 3.6

    Is coming out today! Due for official release at 9:30 a.m. Pacific time YA! :happy:
  15. nodle

    Firefox coming to the PS3

    If this is true it will be sweet!
  16. nodle

    PSA: Firefox 3.5 is out.

    That is all.
  17. nodle

    Awesome Firefox theme

    I love this one.
  18. nodle

    Firefox Add-ons

    Post some of your own ad-ons or some use full ones. I'll start: Ad-block plus. One of the first things I install. Who needs ads to be in your face or to slow down your loading of a webpage? Forecastfox: The best weather app. out there...
  19. nodle

    Firefox wallpapers

    Thats alot of them.
  20. nodle

    30+ Must-Have Updated Firefox 3 Extensions

    Some of these are just awesome!