1. nodle

    The Kandahar Giant

    In 2002, an elite tactical team was said to have killed the Kandahar Giant, a 13-foot-tall beast with flaming red hair, six fingers on each hand, and two sets of teeth.
  2. nodle

    Mysterious swarms of giant drones over three states

    Mysterious swarms of giant drones have dotted the Colorado and Nebraska night sky since last week, The Denver Post first reported.   The drones appear and disappear at roughly the same time each night in swarms of at least 17 and up to 30. The drones appear to measure about 6 feet across.  ...
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    Mysterious giant sphere unearthed Source
  4. nodle

    U.S. Army using giant blimp to survey American's movements

    Sometimes I wonder if I am living in the game of Half Life 2 video game.
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    Giant zip hoodie

    I thought this was a joke but it's real. Link
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    Cemetery of giant creatures found in Central Africa
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    A giant drunk
  8. nodle

    Make a giant Kit Kat bar

  9. D

    Giant Skeleton...
  10. L

    Another giant trying to climb the itunes mountain
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    Russian Billionaire Installs Anti-Photo Shield on Giant Yacht
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    Green giant
  13. nodle

    Giant Breakfast Burrito

    A seven pound breakfast burrito stuffed with potatoes, eggs, onions, and ham bits, lots of cheese on top and smothered in red chile.
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    Giant UFO seen by entire Siberian city
  15. nodle

    Holy giant legs batman!
  16. nodle

    Giant Crystal Cave

    Man look at the size of those!  :shock:
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    Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica Workmen hacking and burning their way through the dense jungle of Costa Rica to clear an area for banana plantations in the 1930s stumbled upon some incredible objects: dozens of stone balls, many of which were perfectly spherical. They...
  18. nodle

    Sightings of mysterious giant bird continue in San Antonio

    Loch Ness has its monster. Does San Antonio have one, too? Strange sightings of a huge flying creature have been reported as recently as six months ago. Is it a monster or myth? Guadalupe Cantu III was busy working his newspaper route, but he says the big news of that day 10 years ago flew...
  19. nodle

    Giant Concrete Ears

    Early in World War 2, before the invention of radar, the British isles had an interesting system devised to detect incoming enemy aircraft. They constructed a number of huge, concrete, acoustic mirrors which focused and amplified sounds coming from a given direction. Some were bowl-shaped and...
  20. nodle

    Little girl giant

    This is quite odd. On the morning of Sunday 7th May the little girl giant woke up at Horseguards Parade in London, took a shower from the time-traveling elephant and wandered off to play in the park. LINK