1. nodle

    Feel good stories thread

    This has been on my mind for awhile now. I think I even made a post about an idea to have an all news channel like this. But with so much garbage in the world these days, I thought it would be nice to have a thread where you can post feel good posts that put a smile on your face. I'll start us...
  2. nodle

    Good things you have done at work

    After the popular thread of bad things you have done at work lets do another. This one is all the good things that you have done at work. I'll start us off. I must say for the 13 years I worked in IT I feel pretty proud not only of my work but the way we treated people. @C Pav can account to...
  3. nodle

    Why do these photos make you feel good?

    When you look at these photos below, do you get a "comfortable" feeling also?
  4. WayneKerr

    Forgot my password:Good Times

    Well, I'm having a hay day troubleshooting my main PC. Cables are too short and I decided to disconnect the DVD drive. I think I have a bad cable, or a bad drive. Anyway, while I was messing with that, I decided to power on one of my other PCs. Let me tell you about the password fiasco I...
  5. nodle

    Jeep Grand Cherokee - not good for cornering

    Wow, that's not good, 7 tires blown at only 43mph!
  6. nodle

    Good Morning Fluxoid!

    Rise and shine!
  7. WayneKerr

    Heard any good dick jokes lately? Known for speaking out and holding people responsible, Congressman Anthony Weiner has been in the news for a tweeted picture of him waist down in his underwear. After a week of denying any involvement, yesterday he...
  8. nodle

    Damn it feels good to be a bankster

  9. nodle

    This cannot be good for your back

  10. nodle

    Have a good day jmanz!

  11. nodle

    Jmanz is going to be a good father
  12. nodle

    No wonder they are so good at gaming

  13. nodle

    Good for you IBM!

    Nearly half a million IBM employees get Firefox as their default browser
  14. nodle

    Well done good sirs
  15. WayneKerr

    What is a good program for making animated gifs?

    What is a good program for making animated gifs? Preferably free. I want to use it to make the colors on this alternate. Thanks
  16. nodle

    Dam it feels good to be a gangster

    Nuff said... :w00t:
  17. nodle

    A good prank for work
  18. nodle

    It's nice to see there are still good people in the world.

  19. nodle

    LK is a good man

    That is all...
  20. nodle

    Good work sir!

    Armed customer kills robber at BURGER KING