1. nodle

    Does blue paint prevent direct energy weapons?

    I never made a post back when the Maui fires happened, but people noticed the homes with blue roofs or blue cars were not targeted. Now the president comes out and makes a comment about them. What do you think? Did he slip up? I really don’t know what else he could had meant by it to be honest.
  2. nodle

    Only 2 beers a week?

    If Biden has his away, they will soon only allow you two beers per week.
  3. nodle

    Using global warming and green energy to take away your rights

    Well, we might as well get this going. The next big thing, more than it already is now, will be using global warming as an excuse to take away more of your rights, and use it an excuse to get more money and pass more laws. 
  4. nodle

    American food processing plants mysteriously being destroyed

    Ok this is really strange, me and @C Pav and @ryanator we're just talking about this. There have been 18 in the last 6 months. What is going on? Our own government making food even more expensive on purpose? Terrorist activity that they are not telling us? TO many happening to be all a...
  5. nodle

    Government spending and the real reason behind it

    I think this belongs in the conspiracy forum, I just want to address the white elephant in the room that no one is talking about, the outrages government spending lately. Everyday I am reading the news it's "the government is spending 17 billon on this, or 2.3 trillion on this". This is not...
  6. nodle

    So has the government just announced that UFOs are real?

    It sure seems that way...
  7. nodle

    People stealing mail and packages

    I keep meaning to make this thread, but always seem to forget. So what's up with America's new found addiction of stealing packages and not getting in trouble for it? Thankfully I haven't heard of that problem around here, but I know on the West and East coasts that this is a major problem that...
  8. nodle

    The 2019 government shutdown

    I have a question, couldn't the president just use an executive order to get the wall built? Or could he declare a national emergency and have it pushed through that way? Just wondering.
  9. nodle

    Property Taxes

    Has anyone gotten theirs this year? We got ours yesterday and I was looking though the breakdown at dinner last night. We are considered county since we live outside city limits. It's amazing how most goes towards schools (I am fine with this since I have kids). But I also have to pay for...
  10. nodle

    Proof of a secret society in the U.S.?

    Real interesting stuff. Oh I like how they blame a "glitch" for losing all the rest of the texts. A "glitch" that's right. They have used this excuse before as well. With all these "glitches" you think our government should have top of the line equipment wouldn't you say? But this also speaks of...
  11. D

    Gov Shutdown Looming?

    Now that the border wall is back on the table, rumor has it that there'll likely be a big budget battle with accompanying shutdown like in 2013?
  12. D

    Unthinkable & UnAmerican: Government's Abuse of Gary Dassinger

    The person who made the complaint has not only never been to the ranch, but they don't even live in the state.
  13. D

    Russian FM Warns US Not to Strike Syrian Pro-Government Forces

    Keep your eye on this arena. What they do next will tell you if the CIA/Neocon material support and policies remain. US Must Take Steps to Prevent Further Clashes With Syrian Forces
  14. nodle

    Government assistance internet

    So I guess I have heard within the last few years abut the internet being a Human right. My personal view is it's not a right, but at the same time I think it should be made available in most places. What got me to create this thread is in our local paper there is an ad that says if you don't...
  15. nodle

    U.S. Government Caught Pirating Military Software
  16. nodle

    Government Finally Admits There's an 'Area 51'

    That's because there are new bases now. :alien: [/URL]
  17. nodle

    IPhones on AT&T get government “Carrier Settings” update

    I got this on mine last night.
  18. nodle

    Verizon customers data given over to Government

    This is nothing new. We all knew this for years. Shoot AT&T started it. The order, marked "Top Secret" and issued by the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, instructs Verizon Business Network Services, a subsidiary that provides internet and telecommunications provider for...
  19. C Pav

    Government handling of money, the debt, etc.

    Ok, time to lay it down and just say how I feel. The government does not know how to handle money, debt or run efficiently at all. Here is the basic dirty fix. No more free hand outs and no more spending on worthless programs or other wasteful spending. If a small business operates like the...
  20. nodle

    U.S Government Accused of Surveilling Citizens