1. nodle

    The rise and fall of Guitar Hero & Rock Band

    Here awhile back we were in an arcade and in the corner, they had the arcade version of Guitar Hero. My Daughter asked about it and I tried to explain it to her what it was all about. You know these were great games. I think most of the members here can agree that we all loved these types of...
  2. nodle

    Musical Instruments

    Does anyone play any musical instruments here? I got my old electric guitar out of storage, and I ended up selling my amp, but think I may pick up another one. I have a really nice guitar I bought years ago, but want to get it out again.
  3. ndboarder

    Guitar Hero Live

    New guitar hero announced for this Fall. 1st person experience, new controller layout. I was more of a Rockband guy, so will see what Harmonix has to announce since they also have something on the way supposedly.
  4. ryanator

    Canon in D major - Guitar Rock

    I'm sure most of you have seen this or heard of it, but it's something that I've been listening to for a while and never gets old. It's a rendition of Pachebel's Canon in D major played with an electric guitar. If I could play like this, I'd feel that I have accomplished everything in life.
  5. nodle

    Old folk song on beartrax guitar

    Some people have all the talent.
  6. nodle

    27-string guitar

  7. nodle

    Guitar Oscillations Captured

  8. nodle

    Beatbox and guitar cover of Pixies

    Such awesome talent. A perfectly done cover.
  9. nodle

    Impressive guitar playing

  10. nodle

    Insane guitar playing!

    Holy crap @ about the 1:45 mark!
  11. nodle

    Banned Guitar Hero commercial

    This was apparently never played because it was too racy. Slightly NSFW.
  12. L

    Rock Hero Guitar Banders Unite
  13. nodle

    Four Hands Guitar

  14. WayneKerr

    Guitar Way To Heaven 4: Amplified for PSP

    Saw this homebrew on youtube awhile back and I finally got around to checking it out.  It looks cool. Listen to benjamin tell you about it. I don't know how he is doing that shit in the vid because I can't.  Something to do with the fact...
  15. nodle

    Guitar Hero: Country

    I am surprised no one has come out with a country version on this. I mean instead of a rock guitar, they could use on that looks like an acustic guitar or even a banjo. Then have a bunch of country artist.
  16. WayneKerr

    Lego Guitar Hero

    This is nuts; silly even
  17. nodle

    Parents Let Kid Drop Out of High School to Focus on Guitar Hero

    WTF!  :confused:
  18. WayneKerr

    DLC for Wii Guitar Hero: World Tour

    Tonight I found a link reporting that there would be downloadable content on the Wii for Guitar Hero World Tour. Thats neat, I wonder if that means I can take the songs with me on the SD card?  To play on another Wii?
  19. WayneKerr

    Phase. A guitar hero style game for your iPod The basic idea of this game for your ipod is you use songs already on your ipod...
  20. nodle

    Guitar Hero IV Debut Trailer