1. nodle

    Norinco LG5 / QLU-11 Rifle

    Who need a 50cal when you can just shoot a grenade?
  2. nodle

    They are coming for your guns, news and updates

    Since it seems like I might be bumping this up the next 4 years, might as well get it going with some news. Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Police Can Enter A Home To Seize Guns Without A Warrant (
  3. nodle

    Springfield Armory - Hellcat

    Say hello to another friend. Wanted my EDC to hold a few more rounds. I keep seeing these everywhere and everyone seems to love them. It can hold 13+1 in an insanely compact form. Almost the same size as my EDC Glock and it hold half that amount. Picked it up in FDE color...
  4. nodle

    Top Gun 2 the movie

    So what do you think? I doubt it will live up to the original.
  5. nodle

    Springfield Armory 911

    Went and looked at one of these over the weekend. If your looking for a nice compact .380 this is a nice little unit. Easy to conceal. Here are the specs: The downside is the the price tag. But if felt good, I know they copied SIG Sauer but it is still a nice sweet little gun.
  6. nodle

    Ruger Precision Rimfire

    Say hello to my little friend! have been wanting one since they have got released about a year ago. Every time I go into a store I look to see if they have one in stock. Finally most store...
  7. D

    Police kill armed man in his own home during gun confiscation
  8. nodle

    Idaho gun laws

    Over the weekend we took a trip to Idaho. While at dinner I kept seeing people walking in with guns on their hips, then all weekend I saw them everywhere. Then I remembered they recently had changed their laws: I really liked this. You honestly felt safer with everyone walking around with one on...
  9. ryanator

    Air guns - BB, pellet, etc..

    I was thinking of getting a new pellet air gun. These are always good to have around for fun, practice on the cheap, pest control, and can be legal in city limits. We had a classic Daisy model which was a multi-pump that shot BB's and pellets. It was a 20 pump model for max velocity, but...
  10. D

    Sheriff Threatens To Kill Americans over Guns!

    North Carolina Police Captain now running for Buncombe Sheriff Daryl Fisher threatens to kill anyone who won’t comply to gun confiscation.
  11. nodle

    Homemade Wi-Fi gun

    @Davidc might be interested in this for some major stretching between farms. Pretty cool especially if you need to reach another building far away.
  12. D

    Gun Confiscation Beta Tests Are Spreading Across the Country

    "In the Spring of 2017, I received the following communication from someone claiming to be with DHS and they stated that they were rehearsing gun confiscation in urban areas. I had nothing to connect this communication to so I simply hung on to the message until I could connect this to something...
  13. D

    I-94 shooting by State "Storm" Troopers (Gun Happy?)

    MOORHEAD, Minn. – A state trooper’s response to a crash on Interstate 94 near Moorhead in far western Minnesota took an unexpected turn, with the trooper firing a weapon at one of the vehicle’s two occupants. Law enforcement officers at the scene dealt with heavy, wet snow and ice pellets...
  14. nodle

    Gal*Gun 2 Free Hugs Collector's Edition

    Hey @C Pav don't miss out!
  15. D

    Movie with ultra realistic gun violence

    Daylight's End 2015'll make you want to stock up on ammo.
  16. nodle

    Gun Cleaning Tools and Materials

    I thought I would start a thread so that other members could post items and materials that they recommend when cleaning their firearms. First word of advice. Check and re-check your firearms, make double sure they are not loaded before preceding. Here is what I use so far: Solvents:    ...
  17. nodle

    Hi-Point Carbine rifle

    So ya I know Hi-point sucks. Their handguns are probably the worst handguns out there. The other day when I was picking up my gun I saw this Hi-point rifle sitting on the shelf that looked kinda cool. It was small took .45 round ammo and was dirt cheap. Under $300. My Dad was like what brand and...
  18. nodle

    XD Mod.2 Sub Compact .45

    Say hello to my little friend... Also has a 13 round clip as well X-tension clip. Source I couldn't pass it up for the price, saw it right before Christmas. Picked up some target ammo as well. Can't wait...
  19. nodle

    CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine

    Saw this the other day at the store, came home and did a little more research on it. With 9mm ammo being so cheap these days it would be kinda fun to have for close combat. Seems like the reviews aren't bad on it. I really like the magnetic arm as well. Plus the tear down seems pretty easy as...
  20. D

    Church Shooting "Will it lead to Gun Control?" Things are heating up.