1. nodle

    Has the ability to build new things been lost over time?

    I have been wanting to create this thread for about a year now. I have been noticing a pattern. That even with our modern tools, and modern computers, man's ability to create new things seems to be going away. We think we are becoming more modern or advanced, but in reality, we are losing the...
  2. nodle

    Vehicle self-inflating and deflating tire system

    So since newer vehicles have tire monitoring systems, and small compressors are a thing these days, why can't they have a system in cars that you and program to your PSI liking and it will inflate or deflate the tire to the programed PSI? I know Hummers had this feature I used it once in one. It...
  3. nodle

    Movie theater easy floor cleanup

    I went to see a movie last night and I noticed how the floor had popcorn, spilled candy on the floor etc. I also noticed on how much of an incline the floor head and it was all smooth concrete. So why not make a metal grate at the bottom and have about an inch of water come out of the top mixed...
  4. nodle

    Retro Inspired digital streaming Walkman with oled screen

    So I woke up this morning with a million dollar idea. Why not make a retro inspired digital stream Walkman. Let me explain. This device would be the normal shape and size of a classic Walkman. Where the cassette would go would be replaced by a high resolution oled display. This would allow for a...
  5. nodle

    My pitch for a new Predator movie

    So as I was out in the woods today I saw a chipmunk in the tree and I was looking around at the tree tops and it reminded me of the scene from Predator where he is cloaked int he trees. I thought a cool store would take place around a group of loggers that are out in the woods logging. The would...
  6. nodle

    Full size Totino's Pizza

    Hear me out here. Why doesn't Totino's make a full-size pizza? We all love their little ones; they have a great flavor and great spices we all love. I think they should make a full-size version like Digiorno or Red Baron. I think it would be a great idea and sell great.
  7. nodle

    Car wash wand dryer

    I was lying in bed thinking of this, why don't those quarter cash wash places where you get the wand sprayers have a wand dryer? It would be a wand that has a 15-degree nozzle in it like a power washer that sprays compressed air. So, after you get done washing your vehicle and want to dry it you...
  8. L

    Valentines day gift idea?

  9. nodle

    Streaming Black Box

    With all the modern day technology, and with the latest Iran Black Box problem, why not make the Black Boxes stream data to an offsite backup? I mean cellular or satellite technology is there for this why not take advantage of it? I'm sure most of it is technical data, it's not like they are...
  10. nodle

    Personal drying machine

    Ok I would love to have this machine. Have you ever got out of a shower on a hot day and went and stood over an air conditioner vent or in front of a fan while your body is still wet? It's like one big Dyson hand blower but for your body. So I would like to have a massive fan in my bathroom...
  11. nodle

    Form a funnel

    A guy came into our work selling these things. I might actually pick one up. There have been many cases where I had to make something similar out of a piece of cardboard etc.
  12. nodle

    Touch screen band-aids

    I think a band-aid maker should make 'touch screen' band-aids. I cut my thumb earlier today and I had to place a band-aid over it. Well I went to use my cell phone and you use your thumb and other fingers so much that I had to keep using my left hand. If they made a material that is reactive...
  13. C Pav

    Pitch for a television series...

    Name it either I Hate I.T. or Blame it on I.T. or something else I already have many episodes ready to write: The Fan The Garbage Phone One Tooth Hide and Seek What's That Smell Winter Off Roading Desk Delivery 4 Mainboards Here comes the Wolf Next Door I'm busy....hungover and...
  14. nodle

    The hip helper - for construction workers

    So I came up with a great idea about a week ago. We are in the process of putting up a privacy fence on one side of our property. As we cut the boards we had to carry them over. My father was walking in the front and I was in the back. I noticed that if I set the lumber on my belt I could just...
  15. jthock

    Jump To Conclusions Mat

    It's a mat with different conclusions you could jump to!
  16. nodle

    Finally a great oil filter idea!

    So I have been looking at another new vehicle lately and when I saw screen shots of the engine bay of the new Subaru Crosstrek I was intrigued. So I Googled it and sure enough that is the oil filter right next to the oil fill. The drain plug is still on the bottom. But no more mess with the...
  17. nodle

    That was a bad idea

    Not to smart. :confused:
  18. nodle

    What's next for Apple

    So Cpav has a point. I know Apple's stock fell lately. But what do they really have coming out? Nothing new has really been introduced lately. What do you think the next ground breaking product would they reveal? I really can't think of anything except for improving on their devices already out...
  19. WayneKerr

    Gift ideas for a Thirty something wife

    Looking for gift idea's for my wife. Any ideas?
  20. nodle

    Tubes for delivery

    Me and C pav were just talking about this. You know those tubes that they use at the bank? Why not have a series of them that run across the county and feed into your local Fed-ex and UPS. You place your order they take it to their local tube distribution center and they send it out to the other...