1. nodle

    Adult daycares, the new generation of workers

    I have seen a few of these videos posted on this new generation of "Workers", and I will say that with sarcasm. This is what the new generation believes work is. We are seeing increasingly more workers thinking that this is the new way jobs are. The sad part is these folks are probably getting...
  2. nodle

    The job you wanted growing up

    When you were younger you always had one job you wanted to do growing up. Just like my Daughter says she wants to be a doctor right now. What was the job you always wanted to do? I actually have a old school book that asked "What do you want to be when you grow up"? I'll start us off. My two...
  3. nodle

    Fake it till you make it

    You know I wish I had time/money to try this. Do you think you could apply for jobs that require degrees and get your foot in the door even though you lied and had no degree at all? I mean how many companies actually check? What's the worse thing that could happen? They find out then you get...
  4. nodle

    The Most Common Job In Every State

    We don't change much around here lol. Source
  5. nodle

    My first wiring job

    Even though I deal with wires on a daily basis at work, I normally stay away from home electrical wiring. That stuff scares me. But I did install my first motion sensor out back on our deck this weekend. It really wasn't that hard. Thankfully it was on a light switch circuit on the inside, so I...
  6. nodle

    Microsoft has cut 2100 jobs today

    Looks like they are back at it again.
  7. nodle

    Microsoft to cut up to 18,000 jobs

    Ouch! You safe @ndboarder ?Source
  8. ryanator

    The job Outsourcing topic

    I wanted to created this because you will see more and more outsourcing in the future, even of career fields you wouldn't think of. I was reading a news article today about a certain airline industry is now employing pilots from a foreign pilot supply company. Read that over a few times. The...
  9. nodle

    Yes, robots really are about to take your jobs

    Hate to agree with him but Bill is right. Link
  10. ryanator

    Working through job recruitment company.

    I was offered a job with an IT oilfield company, but goes through a job recruitment company, which is my first time doing it that way. I don't like the thought of recruitment companies because they are a middle man and you don't get good benefits, if at all. I negotiated out a good pay I...
  11. nodle

    What would it take to be happy at your job?

    I was sitting here thinking. Would you be willing to take a half cut in pay to work at a job that you enjoy and are happy doing? Or would you rather get your full wage and be unhappy at your job? I'm kinda interested on how people will respond.
  12. nodle

    Common jobs and lousy pay

    I have to agree. Common people wages are way to low to live off this day and age. With the rise of food/gas/life in general there is no way for people to keep their heads above water. Such a downward spiral we have created.
  13. nodle

    Your future job when you were younger?

    When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a archeologist.
  14. nodle

    Quitting your job with style

    Watch the tiger on the left.
  15. nodle

    Under appreciated jobs

    There are alot of under appreciated jobs out there lets name same. I'll start. I would just like to say Vets, and animal shelters. These folks do so much good work more than they will ever know. I hold these people with more respect than alot of people. They will never know the good they really...
  16. nodle

    Jmanz, I love the new paint job!

    Slightly NSFW.
  17. nodle

    Nokia to cut 10K more jobs as sales slow

  18. ryanator

    Should I dress up as Steve Jobs.

    I have the blue jeans, white sneakers, black long sleeve shirt, short hair, but no glasses. I'm actually thinking of doing it, but I shaved this morning, so I'll not have the week or two worth of stuble.
  19. jmanz

    Steve Jobs Book

    Anybody getting this? Been reading some articles about it, sounds pretty interesting. Might have to pick it up.
  20. nodle

    Apple founder Steve Jobs has died