1. ryanator

    AC charger broken pin fix - MacGuyver edition

    So I had a Dell charger that had a broken center pin. The easiest thing I had around that was the same diameter (~ 1/32")was a small steel paper clip. Steel has some conductivity, so I thought I'd try it. I had a 1/32" drill bit for my dremel, I used a small automatic center punch to get a nice...
  2. nodle

    The biggest laptop ever

  3. ryanator

    Gaming laptop/desktop recommendation for a friend $600-800 max.

    I'm trying to help a friend buy a decent gaming quality laptop or desktop (preferably).  He originally said $600, but would go up to $800 for one that is worth it and will give him several good years of gaming.  He's not an extreme graphics gamer.
  4. nodle

    Ancient Greek sculpture holding a laptop computer

  5. nodle

    Laptop killing USB drive

    The USB Killer is a booby-trapped, hand-made USB drive that will "burn down" your laptop if you insert it into your USB slot. First described on the Russian site Habrahahbr, the USB Killer's origin story has now been translated into English: The basic idea of the USB drive is quite simple...
  6. WayneKerr

    laptop repair

    My laptop would not stay on for more than 4 minutes rendering it useless. Ordered a fan from ebay, replaced it and it is working again. w00t!
  7. nodle

    FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras

    Nothing new been saying this for years. In fact most of the things I have been saying for years is finally coming out.
  8. ryanator

    Computer issue - Laptop won't boot into anything, powers off.

    So I am working on someone's laptop that's about 5-6 years old, a Compaq business line laptop. The issue is that it won't fully boot into anything nor any mode before it totally shuts off. It only gets so far. I let it sit at the "Windows Advanced Menu screen" and it just shut down after a...
  9. WayneKerr

    Using a monitor with your laptop.

    Do many here use there laptop connected to a monitor?
  10. WayneKerr

    More laptop questions...

    I think one of my problems with my laptop is that it doesn't get proper airflow and overheats. Does anyone here use a laptop cooler? Do they work well? Any recommendations? I have it propped up about 3 inches or so and that doesn't seem to cut it, what with weird blue screens and all.
  11. WayneKerr

    Laptop noob question

    Do all laptop speakers suck? Or just mine?
  12. WayneKerr

    I need laptop help

    So I am trying out this laptop and I am a little but off by the message I got from steam. It said it didn't recognize the hardware, so right now, I am downloading portal to check it out, but I have a feeling it won't work.
  13. nodle

    My type of laptop

    Why can't we get these in America?
  14. nodle

    School Spies Students Through Their Laptop Cameras

    I hope they sue the crap out of them...
  15. O-Tron

    Gaming laptop

    So I'm in the market for a new computer. I'm looking specifically at a laptop that I can freely move around with as I have been traveling quite a bit as of late and I don't know exactly where I'm going to end up when I finally do find a job. As a lot of you might know, I play World of Warcraft...
  16. nodle

    Feds: We will search through your laptop files at the border

    Following in the wake of February's news that customs agents were seizing electronics and making copies of all the files on cell phones and laptop hard drives, a federal appeals court has ruled on the legality of such searches. The result: Yeah, customs can do whatever it wants to your computer...
  17. nodle

    Laptop Backgroud

    For your Macbook.
  18. nodle

    Laptop mainboards

    No matter how many of these i replace i hate them till the end. Why can't the engineers design a easy to take apart laptop that the mainboards come out with a couple of screws? Why must i take the entire thing apart? Nice way to start a day back at work with. :smt011
  19. nodle

    Ndboarder's laptop

    I'd like to see this with yours lol. <embed style="width:450px; height:414px;" id="Flix55Player" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" flashvars="v=09A1vdPTsuY" > </embed>
  20. nodle

    Thinking about getting a laptop

    Well like the title says I am considering getting a laptop, but I mainly just want it for a "test" system. I want to have a system to load Ubuntu onto. Think the wife will kill me?  :oops: