1. nodle

    Norinco LG5 / QLU-11 Rifle

    Who need a 50cal when you can just shoot a grenade?
  2. nodle

    The biggest laptop ever

  3. ryanator

    Large toxic spill in Colorado river.

    Animas River toxic spill - 3 million gallons done by the EPA This happened 5 days ago, and it's just hitting main news sources. I read this yesterday somewhere else. I mean 3 million gallons of spillage, done by who else, the EPA. And people try to trust or believe that the government can't do...
  4. nodle

    Fitting large things into small vehicles

    Me and @C Pav were talking about this the other day. People purchasing to large of things to fits in their small cars. I once helped about another guy with an entertainment center to take to their vehicle, we get outside and they pull up with a VW bug. We both looked at each other and said "You...
  5. nodle

    12 fake large cockroaches $0.96 shipped

    These would be fun to prank someone with or even with Halloween coming up.
  6. Exile

    Large Solar Flare

  7. nodle

    Army simulates large-scale economic breakdown
  8. nodle

    Large RC helicopter

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  9. nodle

    Death and taxes (large image)
  10. jthock

    Some pics (WARNING, LARGE)

    Sunset over Stauden park in Butte, MT Weird clouds taken through windshield, hence blue tint Ducks at MSU campus in Bozeman, MT Eagle above...