1. L

    Work accommodations

  2. ryanator

    Posting from Linux Mint.

    So I decided to try out Linux for myself. I'm familiar with it from brief experiences using live cds and throughout the years of playing with it here and there, but never installed it personally. I went with Linux Mint version 13. This is based off Ubuntu and I used version 13 which is the...
  3. nodle

    LiLi - Linux usb creator

    LiLi Creates Versatile, Go-Anywhere Bootable Linux Thumb Drives
  4. nodle

    Putin orders Russian government to move to GNU/Linux
  5. nodle

    WHS Style "drive pooling" now in Linux

    Seems the Linux community has caught up with WHS' drive pooling feature. The free NAS OS Amahi already implemented it as well:
  6. nodle

    PS3 Firmware Update 3.21 of preventing piracy by removing Linux
  7. nodle

    North Korea develops own Linux distribution

    Pretty cool considering how tight that place is. Seems like they have some talented people inside that country. Pics here:
  8. nodle

    Fedora 12 Linux OS

    It's out today!
  9. nodle

    Steve Ballmer: We cannot let intel do chip design on Linux ever

    Are the worried? :annoyed: More emails here...
  10. nodle

    CrunchBang linux

    Another distro, based off of Ubuntu. Good stuff here...
  11. nodle

    One live DVD, one ton of Linux games

    LinuX-Gamers Live is a live DVD from Germany based on Arch Linux that includes nothing but games. Version 0.9.3 was released in June and provides an excellent means of sampling Linux games or setting up a home arcade, although a few of the games wouldn't run on my machine. There are no...
  12. nodle

    Fedora 9 Linux OS

    Looks like it's out...
  13. nodle

    Shift Linux

    Trying out this new distro.
  14. nodle

    Some Linux commercials

    I would like to see these on television more and more. Would give Apple a run.
  15. nodle

    Linux Declared 'Hacker Proof'

    Jupiter Kalambakal - AHN News Writer Vancouver, British Columbia (AHN)-- The Linux running on a Sony Vaio remained undefeated at the end of a three-way computer hacking challenge Friday at the CanSecWest conference. Sponsors had wagered three laptops to anyone who could hack into one of the...
  16. nodle

    PC games on Linux?
  17. nodle

    Emesene IM messenger for Linux

    Here is a nice MSN messenger for Linux. I like it better than Pidgin.
  18. L

    Linux Confusion

    What is the fuss over linux?  I've never really felt compelled to spend any extended time using it.  The distrubtions are named in a confusing fashion as are the applications.  Example:  Who in their right mind knew that Cat Lick was an FTP program.  This isn't intended to be a bashing...
  19. nodle

    Custom Linux Distros?

    Are the easy to make? I mean most of them are based off of another kernal anyways. zit would be nice to set one up the way you want it set up, then distribute it that way. You own programs pre-installed, your own gnome or kde colors, your own backgrounds etc. I think it wouldn't be to hard to do.
  20. nodle

    Run your Linux from a USB drive

    Great tutorial site!