1. nodle

    M1 Mac Mini deal

    Pretty good deal on the Mac Mini M1 version. All the reviews are excellent on this little thing. You will have to bring your own peripherals though. $569.99 - $100 off.
  2. nodle

    How to find out devices in network by MAC address

    So my router has an option to name you devices by MAC address. So I thought I would go through and add names that way you know what devices are attached to your network. Well if you have ever tried to look up look a device on Google by MAC you may luck out and find a manufacture or chipset which...
  3. nodle

    Grand Mac - Mcdonalds

    So I had one of these today. I had been wanting to try one. Holy cow this is a big, Big Mac. They way they use to be. It's quite a burger. I'd recommend it.
  4. nodle

    Pixelmator 50% off

    For those of you that have a Mac or so will ;) Pixelmator is 50% right now for both the Mac and iOS. Basically it's Photoshop at a fraction of the cost. I just purchased it myself.
  5. nodle

    Recommended Mac apps

    I thought I would make a thread on what apps that I have found useful on the Mac. Magnet - Basically brings the "snap to sides" feature from Windows to the Mac. allows side by side windows etc. 1Password - A password manager similar to Lastpass. It is also supported on your Iphone and even...
  6. nodle

    Has anyone ever used a Mac mini?

    Anyone ever used one of been around them? For some strange reason I would really like to play with a Mac OS sometime.
  7. nodle

    Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese Bowl

    Wife put one of these in my lunch the other day. When I first pulled it out I thought to myself "what is this crap". But it was actually decent. I had never really thought of throwing bacon into macaroni and cheese before. More
  8. nodle

    Lay's bacon mac and cheese chips

    So the wife picked these up. Tried them yesterday. They are good. I mean they have a cheese flavor to them and maybe a smokey flavor added also. I don't know about tasting like mac and cheese. The bacon maybe because of the smokey flavor though. Overall they are decent.
  9. nodle

    Mac Pro Teardown

    I have to admit this is sexy. I like the design.
  10. nodle

    Apple products and their iOS

    Well iOS7 is out now. I just did the update (which took forever). And I hate it. If I wanted a Windows phone I would had bought one. This is horrible. (n)
  11. nodle

    Mac vs. PC

    Yes another.
  12. nodle

    Malware attack specifically targets Mac users
  13. nodle

    Mac and rib melt
  14. nodle

    Mac and cheese EXTREME CHEESE EXPLOSION!!!

    So I ate some of this yesterday. It was like mac and cheese but with 2 cheese packets. IT ACTUALLY GLOWED THE CHEESE COLOR WAS SO BRIGHT! My mind exploded!
  15. nodle

    Mac and Cheese facts
  16. nodle

    Deciding between a PC and a Mac?

    Microsoft Launches PC v. Mac Website And Talks Some Serious Smack
  17. nodle

    Pc vs. Mac
  18. nodle

    Scooby-doo mac and cheese

    Isn't this stuff the greatest jmanz?  :tongue:
  19. nodle

    Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf With A Layer Of Mac And Cheese
  20. nodle

    Mac vs PC transformers