1. nodle

    Microsoft wireless headset $49

    Killer deal!
  2. nodle

    Enhancer for YouTube web browser extension

    So last week I was looking for an extension for Microsoft Edge that would allow me when visiting YouTube to always play the highest quality without me having to set it. I used to use one awhile back, but it went away. I ran across this one here...
  3. nodle

    Zune music player

    I just wanted to take a moment to remember an awesome music player for it's time. The Zune. When smartphones came along and new Ipod it just couldn't compete. But I really enjoyed the player. Anyone else remember them?
  4. nodle

    Microsoft May update not downloading

    Anyone else not get this update? Seems like my home machines were stuck on the older versions, but my work machine had been on it for awhile now. Anyone else run into this? I had to manually run:
  5. nodle

    Microsoft's Edge browser

    Bye Bye IE, it has never been fun. (Netscape Navigator for life!). But it looks like they are going with a Chrome based version. Source
  6. nodle

    Office 365

    I know about Office 365 and it's monthly or yearly payments and such. Does anyone use Outlook with this Hotmail account? I'm pretty sure it uses both POP and IMAP. I use Outlook at work and enjoy it and was thinking about using it at home as well. Any experience with it? @ndboarder ?
  7. nodle

    Microsoft acquries Github

    Wow, 7.5 Billion Dollar acquisition Source
  8. nodle

    Microsoft to ban 'offensive language'

  9. nodle

    Project Natick - Microsoft

    I see Microsoft is experimenting with ocean cooling their computer stuff as well. If you don't remember years ago Google built a  boat that did the same. I myself think it is the future. I can see man-made platforms in the ocean that recycle seawater for cooling. It has to happen sooner or...
  10. C Pav

    Microsoft XBox Game Pass review

    Microsoft started the Game Pass service earlier this year. I had an initial week or 2 free trial and kept it since. Reason is there are a lot of games I actually wanted and want to play. I will be honest and say that there are many old free GWG games as well as some smaller indie games but once...
  11. D

    MS SQL question

    Can a guy run MS SQL 2014 Standard in a global compatibility mode for 2012 R2 for a product that wants to create it's own database's and doesn't understand some of the newer query language?
  12. nodle

    Microsoft using facial recognition to guess your age

    The site is powered by Microsoft Azure's Face APIs that not only recognize features and predict both gender and age. They can also group faces and determine if someone in multiple pictures is the same person. If you'll recall, Windows 10 will use facial recognition as a log-in option, and the...
  13. nodle

    Is Microsoft ignoring the desktop again?

    Saw this on another site and I kinda agree. I mean you would think after the Windows 8 fiasco that they would realize that no everyone wants a OS created for touch or tablets.
  14. nodle

    Microsoft Band

    It's official. Microsoft's new device is called the "Microsoft Band". Microsoft Band Official Webpage Microsoft Band Video Key Features - Microsoft Health (cloud-based service, taps data...
  15. nodle

    Microsoft has cut 2100 jobs today

    Looks like they are back at it again.
  16. nodle

    PR for Microsoft busted on GAF

    Basically this guy makes this post on GAF trying to push that the Xbox isn't so bad. Come to find out it's Microsoft paying someone to spread propaganda on a major gaming site. Hilarity ensues. Link
  17. nodle

    Has Microsoft completely abandoned Kinect?

    It kinda reminds me of Vista and soon Windows 8. They are just kinda sweeping it under the table. None of the bundles they announced have it in the box. They haven't announced any more games for the device. It seems like it's going to be even less used than the original. So is Kinect essentially...
  18. nodle

    Microsoft to cut up to 18,000 jobs

    Ouch! You safe @ndboarder ?Source
  19. nodle

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Announced

    Dem prices... ouch! Specs: - 12" screen with 2160 x 1440 resolution - 9.1mm thickness (thinnest product with Core inside) - 800g weight - New 150 degree "Canvas" kickstand position - MicroSD slot - USB 3.0 port - HD video out port - Headphone Jack - New...
  20. nodle

    Microsoft loses top engineer to Google