1. nodle

    Apollo 10 astronauts heard mysterious 'music' on moon

  2. nodle

    China's Moon landing photos

    So I have a question. So we all know China just landed on the moon. So why is the moon soil red, and in our (supposedly) landing on the moon soil is white? Someone care to explain? China's: America's:
  3. nodle

    Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang'e-2 Orbiter 2012

  4. nodle

    Woman held in California for ‘trying to sell moon rock’

    It's illegal? WTF?
  5. nodle

    Has NASA Discovered Life On Saturn's Moon?

    I highly doubt it. I bet it's something to do with some microbiology.
  6. nodle

    Pale Moon web browser
  7. nodle

    NASA Desperately Looking for Soviet Moon Rover
  8. nodle

    Moon the movie

    Don't forget this comes out tomorrow. I plan on picking it up on Blu-ray even though I have never seen it before. I have heard it's that good.
  9. nodle

    Moon pies snack food

    Who here remembers these? I know you can still buy them. Maybe it was just something about that nice yellow color.
  10. WayneKerr

    Have your once in a blue moon moment tonight!
  11. nodle

    Blue Moon beer

    Had some of this over the weekend. It was really good. I was surprised to see a slice of orange go so well with it. You should give it a try.
  12. WayneKerr

    40 years ago Man walked on the Moon

    40 years ago Man walked on the Moon.  What do you think compares to this date? I have trouble coming up with anything that compares.
  13. nodle

    Russian spacecraft landed on moon hours before Americans
  14. Ludacris

    Image from far side of the moon.

    WTF is the tower in the center large enough to have it's own shadow??
  15. D

    Far Above Space and Time - John & Mr D ON THE MOON
  16. Ludacris

    Alien moon base

    Following the Gemini missions the Apollo Space Program took effect and on 20th July 1969 the astronauts of Apollo 11 took their first steps on the surface of the Moon. Although it was claimed that nothing unusual was seen by the astronauts, rumors that the crew were "never alone" whilst on the...
  17. nodle

    In Event of Moon Disaster
  18. nodle

    Full moon and it effects on people

    Does anyone else notice that when there seem to be a full moon coming up that people go crazy? I am physically tired from all the crap today or retarded customers. We just had a guy come in up front bend over and smack his forehead on the counter 3 times really hard, because his power supply...
  19. nodle

    UFO on the Moon

    Posted on Google Video is footage of a round black object moving across the surface of the moon. According to the poster, Italian astronomers are said to have spotted and tracked the UFO. Explanations on the page's comments section include space junk, satellite, alien vehicle and hoax...
  20. nodle

    China to map ?every inch? of moon surface

    WTF? Why would they want to do this? More to the story i am sure ;-) China aims to chart every inch of the moon?s surface, the chief scientist of the country?s first lunar exploration program said in comments published on Friday. China, which plans to launch a lunar orbiter called ?Chang?e...