1. nodle

    NextDNS - Network wide DNS filter

    What do you think of NextDNS? Basically a DNS that works somewhat like a Pihole or Adguard. Basically it's a DNS where all your traffic flows though that has built in adblock and malware lists. There is a pay version that gives you a control panel I believe as well. NextDNS - The new firewall...
  2. nodle

    Home Server Racks and Ubiquiti

    Has anyone ever bought themselves a rack for home? I was looking at some 9U racks. One with a door on the front. Not really to put in a server but more to hold my home networking equipment. Does anyone have one for their house?
  3. ryanator

    Obtaining CCNA certification.

    In my current job, I will be required to obtain my CCNA certificate to handle the network side of things out here. This has me a little worried as I never had much experience with networking and always found it very difficult for my abilities. I'm at the point of my life where I know what fits...
  4. nodle

    How to find out devices in network by MAC address

    So my router has an option to name you devices by MAC address. So I thought I would go through and add names that way you know what devices are attached to your network. Well if you have ever tried to look up look a device on Google by MAC you may luck out and find a manufacture or chipset which...
  5. D

    China's Blueprint for Global Enslavement
  6. nodle

    Pi-hole - Network wide Ad blocking

    Ran across this neat little piece of software that you can install on your Raspberry Pi.
  7. nodle

    WWE Network

    Now that the WWE Network is down to $9.99 does it make you wanna signup?
  8. WayneKerr

    my networking

    Finally back online after day 2 of making some networking changes. You might recall that I've posted about having two routers, a wired Dlink and a wireless linksys. I kept the wired router in the basement hanging from my dsl modem and the linksys upstairs by the blu-ray, tv and wii. Yesterday...
  9. nodle

    List of cancelled network TV shows

    CANCELED SHOWS, BY NETWORK: ABC 'Better With You' 'Brothers & Sisters' 'Detroit 1-8-7' 'Mr. Sunshine' 'My Generation' 'No Ordinary Family' 'Off the Map' 'V' NBC 'America's Next Great Restaurant' 'The Cape' 'Chase' 'The Event' 'Friday Night Lights' 'Law & Order: LA'...
  10. WayneKerr

    Playstation network down How does everyone here feel about the PSN outage? I don't have one and primarily play single player games anyway.
  11. jmanz

    The Social Network

    9/10. Good stuff, cool to see the story behind the facebook empire.
  12. nodle

    I love food network!

  13. L

    An ethernet jack with wireless networking built in (Ethershare)

    Lets say that you don't wanna run ethernet all over your house..and your xbox wants to go online.  You can for over a shit ton for  a proprietary wireless appliance...or...plug in the ethershare.   It plugs into your ethernet port has some components that connect to your wireless lan.  As...
  14. nodle

    A Future Interstate Rail Network (proposal) PICS

    Yonah Freemark at the transport politic has created a Interstate Rail Network proposal that I think many people can be interested with. While some will say its a pipe dream that can never happen in this country, I say that in 20 years we won't have a choice as the demand for such a system will...
  15. Ludacris

    Network, mad as hell scene 1976

    Network - Mad as Hell Scene
  16. WayneKerr

    Your network administrator has disabled chat...'

  17. nodle

    Defcon wireless network setup

    A neat look at their setup this year.
  18. C Pav

    A fitness network television channel.

    Maybe there is already one out there I don't know about but I think a channel devoted to fitness and exercise. They have a big food network so why not a fitness channel. Done right I think it would be sweet. I have a great lineup of shows that can be shown to start off. Kathy would love...
  19. WayneKerr

    Onion News Network we let them know there is no famine in Kansas...  I thought it was funny.
  20. WayneKerr

    How The Strike Affects Your Favorite Network Shows

    UPDATED (Feb. 9) How The Strike Affects Your Favorite Network Shows By Brian Stelter, media reporter for The New York Times, in the TV Decoder blog (with help from The Futon Critic). ABC According To Jim: Three episodes remain Big Shots: No new episodes remain The Bachelor: 10 episodes...