1. nodle

    Night in the Woods

    I have heard crazy things about this game and am going in blind, but I have heard it's awesome. People highly recommend it especially around this time of year for Halloween. It will have to be my Costume Quest or Alan Wake this year. $11.99...
  2. D

    Johnny Carson: King of Late Night

    The guy had class.
  3. nodle

    Game Night - movie

    This actually looks decent.
  4. D

    Bismarck Unruly at night?

    Insurance agent told me that Bismarck is rather unruly at nights. Said some of the stores that used to stay open all night are now closing for security reasons. He said he was surprised at how much folks were out and about at 2:00 AM.
  5. nodle

    Knob Creek Gun Show Night Shoot

  6. C Pav

    Saw this Geicko commercial last night and was rolling!

    Reminds me of how @nodle and I would talk to each other.
  7. nodle

    'White Night' Coming to PS4 on March 3rd
  8. ryanator

    Loud jet sounds at night in Dickinson??

    Has anyone else heard at night around Dickinson, a loud plane or something like it's flying over low? Several people I talked to around here also heard it too. Very loud and abnormal.
  9. nodle

    Night Vision Contact Lenses

    Bin Laden Killing Team May Have Used Night Vision Contact Lenses
  10. jmanz

    Machida KO's Couture with front kick last night
  11. nodle

    Unusual object in night sky baffles Montrealers
  12. nodle

    Night of the Living Trekkies

  13. nodle

    It happend one night

    Watched this last night. Was a great movie. It's funny how this movie was way better than half of the movies I have watched lately. A 9/10!
  14. nodle

    Man Has Worst Night Ever
  15. nodle

    Up all Night

    This was basically the closest thing to porn growing up. Does anyone else remember this on U.S.A. network?
  16. nodle

    US Marines see strange lights and hear whispers in the night
  17. nodle

    Night at the museum 2

    Watched this one last night. Was pretty good. I think the first one may had been better though. A 7/10.
  18. nodle

    Night of the living dead

    Watched this the other night. Started watching it on tv Halloween s few years ago. But never finished it. But I finally finished it the the other night. A classic. The ending is crazy though. Such a simple movie I guess that is what made it. A 9/10...
  19. C Pav

    Fight Night Round 3 (X Box 360) Well here is the review(sort of) that I promised from the thread I made with the poll asking which game I would purchase, play and review. Fight Night Round 3 is the last installment of EA Sports boxing series and the best so far. Graphics...
  20. jmanz

    MLB kicks off tomorrow night.

    Well I know there are a couple of baseball fans here. Braves vs Philly tomorrow night to kick off the season. We need a tomahawk smilie.