north dakota

  1. nodle

    Virginia and the 2nd Amendment

    VA's state government recently went entirely over to the Democrat Party, after being mostly Republican for quite a long time. With this legislative control, and partially in response to the Virginia Beach Shooting, they introduced some gun control bills with the following intent: Requiring...
  2. D

    Buried Treasure in N. Dakota Sites

    Buried treasure in North Dakota can be found in a number of areas. Old Army forts, outlaw treasure, and ghost towns are known to be hiding places for large and small caches. I’ve known others who have located similar treasures in other States, and with the right knowledge and equipment, you can...
  3. D

    Unthinkable & UnAmerican: Government's Abuse of Gary Dassinger

    The person who made the complaint has not only never been to the ranch, but they don't even live in the state.
  4. nodle

    Bigfoot in North Dakota? Source
  5. nodle

    Thoughts on the North Dakota pipeline

    So I am sure by now everyone is familiar with all the protest going on over the pipeline trying to be put in North Dakota and the Indian tribes not wanting it to go in. What's your opinion? Should it be installed or not allowed?
  6. nodle

    The Pyramid of North Dakota

    6 billion dollars for less than 3 days!!! :eek: More pics here.
  7. nodle

    Welcome to Leith ND

  8. nodle

    ND latest oil spill

    I love how this isn't getting more media attention.
  9. jmanz

    Grand Forks ND Students Protest Dirty Dancing Rules

    Classic! No twerking allowed....
  10. nodle

    PSN Summer sale (July 2nd-16th)
  11. nodle

    North Dakota news reporter drops F-bomb
  12. nodle

    North Dakota, March, 1966

  13. nodle

    Gasland is ND next?

    Is ND next?
  14. nodle

    ND made the news again!

  15. nodle

    North Dakota is Not a State (and Never Has Been)
  16. WayneKerr

    Minot, ND flood coverage

    Minot, ND flood coverage I couldn't find something that would embed
  17. nodle

    North Dakota and the world's last "Square Earth" map

  18. ndboarder

    ND native to have speaking role in "Lost"

    See the story here Kinda neat. She's actually from my tiny hometown and a few members will know her.
  19. WayneKerr

    Who will run for Senate in ND?

  20. jmanz

    Rib Fest in Fargo ND

    So I attended Rib Fest for the second consecutive year in Fargo. The weather was garbage but the food was excellent. Did any of you Fargonians attend?