1. nodle

    Big Johnson t-shirts

    When I was growing up these were all the rage. I was never allowed to own any of course though. I think @jmanz remembers them, does anyone else? Were you ever allowed to own them?
  2. nodle

    What was your first vehicle?

    I thought this would be fun to talk about our very first vehicles. I'll start off. My first vehicle was a 48 Chevy truck. I would have to go out before school, pull the choke and get it going to take me and my siter to school in. The second and the first vehicle I purchased with my first loan...
  3. nodle

    Your past computers nostalgia stories

    I was talking to @C Pav about past computers this morning. Let's touch on a brief history of what we have gone through. The first PC that I purchased was an IBM computer from RadioShack. I had to take a loadout for it. It cost me about 4 grand. I think it was a 286? I can't be certain. Then I...
  4. nodle

    Zune music player

    I just wanted to take a moment to remember an awesome music player for it's time. The Zune. When smartphones came along and new Ipod it just couldn't compete. But I really enjoyed the player. Anyone else remember them?
  5. nodle

    Layaway at shopping stores

    Does anyone else miss the old days of Layaways at stores? They always had a section located normally in the back of the store next to the bathrooms. You could put 10% of the price and they would hold the item for you until you paid it off. I used this a lot as a kid, and there was nothing like...
  6. nodle

    The Tandy 1000 computer

    I ran across this video last night while Youtube surfing. The Tandy computer was a big influence in my life and got me started with computers. We never had one growing up, but thanks to a family I knew growing up that were quite well off I was able to experience them. The Commador 64 is still my...
  7. nodle

    Movies that made you who you are

    Let's post movie that made you who you are growing up. Some are forgotten over time, but never in your heart. Flight of the Navagator
  8. C Pav

    Memorable gaming nostalgia

    What are your most memorable past gaming moments? I have so many and will post them as I recall them. One very soothing and calming memory is playing SimCity on the SNES. First my brother and I rented it and was so calming to play. From the music to the "easy" game play it just sticks with me...
  9. nodle

    The death of the video rental stores

    I am sure a lot of the members here grew up with video rental stores. They were a way of life being a teenager. Every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday nights they were packed. It was part of dating, pick up the girl go wander the isles aimlessly for an hour and pick out something based off the box...
  10. nodle

    Nostaliga items

    Let's post things we though were so cool growing up. I know a few of us on here like to reminiscence on our childhood days. I'll start us off. Behind the ear headphones. Man I remember getting a first pair of these. You just looked...
  11. nodle

    Toy baseball bats from your childhood

    Does anyone remember these growing up? A neighbor kid behind our house had the Nerf one.
  12. C Pav

    Nostalgic memories with friends thread.

    This thread is for memories you recall with friends. Main reason is because soon a friend of near 13 years will be moving away. @nodle you will be missed so here it goes. Remember always going over to Greene Drug to get snacks and drinks? Sharing pretzels while working on computers. How about...
  13. nodle

    Classic arcades

    Talking with @C Pav at lunch today about how we miss the classic arcades. Growing up we had a nice arcade in the local mall. You would walk in and the lights would be a little dim and the sounds radiating off the machine were loud and thundering. You could always tell the latest game by the...
  14. WayneKerr

    ~Nostalgia time~ Who won the 7th generation console "war"

    Chime in. Who won round 7 of the console wars?
  15. nodle

    Audio nostalgia

    Who remembers these?