1. D

    US nuclear arsenal is controlled by computers built in the 1970s

    Given that magnetic media has a finite shelf life, and that disks and the drives needed to read and write to them are older than some of the operators of the machinery, the floppy revelation makes you wonder whether the US could even launch a nuclear attack if required.
  2. nodle

    U.S. Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms

  3. nodle

    How to Buy Nukes on the Black Market

    I always heard they were easy to come by. But watching this video shows how scary it really is.
  4. nodle

    Kodak had a secret nuclear reactor

    A cool read. />
  5. nodle

    Evidence uncovered of China's underground nuclear storage system

  6. nodle

    Build a nuclear reactor with duct tape
  7. nodle

    Nuclear Cannon

  8. nodle

    US Nuclear Missiles Down Last Saturday

    Maybe all the UFO sightings recently?
  9. nodle

    Israel Has '8 Days' To Strike Iranian Nuclear Site
  10. nodle

    North Korea vows nuclear response to U.S.-Seoul drills

    Bad deal. I don't think the US is going to back out, and I don't think NK is going to back down either. This could be very bad.
  11. nodle

    Fidel Castro set to warn of nuclear war

  12. nodle

    How to make a nuclear reactor at home!
  13. nodle

    North Korea reports nuclear fusion success
  14. nodle

    Iran launches war games to protect nuclear sites
  15. nodle

    Russia simulates nuclear attack on Poland
  16. jmanz

    Russia to build 6 nuclear subs

    Russia to build 6 nuclear subs with cruise missiles MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) -- Russia will build at least six nuclear-powered submarines with long-range cruise missiles for its navy, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told the Itar-Tass news agency. The missiles can potentially carry...
  17. nodle

    Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb
  18. nodle

    Russian plans to station nuclear bombers in Cuba

  19. nodle

    Nuclear Satellite Accidents

    Nuclear Satellite Accidents: There have been at least 41 known Soviet and now Russian missions involving nuclear power. At least six have failed. To date, three of 26 US nuclear space missions have failed - a failure rate of 12 percent. - 1964: A US satellite powered by 2.1 pounds of plutonium...
  20. WayneKerr

    United States ships non-nuclear ballistic parts to Taiwan

    WTF?  Mistakenly?  I think the mistake was letting someone find out.  Just saw breaking news on msnbc...they don't know much...I'll try to find some linkage.  But in the meantime...WTF?