1. ryanator

    Looking for old aviation conspiracy about lost plane time travel

    Around 10 or so years ago, I remember reading about one of my favorite aviation mysteries, but can't find it anymore. It happened around the 1950's or so and was about a woman pilot (not Earhart) with her co pilot who were expected to land at an island, but everything was undeveloped and no...
  2. nodle

    Grey hairs incoming!

    So most of us are getting older. Has anyone started noticing grey hairs yet? I didn't shave for a long time last time and I swear a couple of hair on my chin had a lighter color to them. I can't tell if it's just blonde though. There is one hair in my side burns that is pure white looking, it's...
  3. nodle

    How old do you think this man is?

    I have seen this on a few sites. http://www.menshealth.com/sites/menshealth.com/files/styles/article_main_custom_user_desktop_1x/public/chuandotan.jpg?itok=7yLwwEj7&timestamp=1500987878 How old do you think he is? Source
  4. J

    22-year-old saved the world from a malware virus named

  5. nodle

    Old barn wood trend

    So around here when people are building homes, the current trend is to make it look "rustic". The hot new trend is people are salvaging barn wood and using it as siding for their new homes. Stuff at one time people would had piled and burned. People will also use tin trim and then etch it with...
  6. nodle

    Repairing an old trailer

    So basically we had been borrowing a small trailer to haul some stuff around here lately but my Dad's friend said he had an old trailer we could come get. We went over and picked up up today and it is sweet. Needs new wood siding and flooring, but frame is mint and tires are good. It's also a...
  7. nodle

    Old church bus into home

    I saw this last night and thought it was cool. They did a nice job and I think it's cool they just travel and live in it. https://imgur.com/a/dhbGw/layout/grid
  8. nodle

    Old English furniture scratch cover

    So me and my wife went antique shopping the other day and found an awesome desk from 1920 that was in really good shape. It had a couple of scratches here and there, but for being from that area it was in mint condition. I came home that evening and tried some sprays etc. to clean it but...
  9. nodle

    Old Gameboy ad

    I actually remember this ad. This made me want to get one so bad and that game. It has been so many years but I still remember it. That ad spoke of adventure to my younger self.
  10. nodle

    Old and new

  11. nodle

    Old football player tries to cheat the Veteran system

    Basically this guy played military football along time ago and twisted his ankle. Then he come back and wants veterans benefits. Good for this lady. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBRXfPaoUXQ
  12. nodle

    Old WW2 Veteran runs DVD piracy operation

    Wow how long till this guy gets busted and the MPAA sues him? http://www.nytimes.c...-hero.html?_r=1
  13. nodle

    Old folk song on beartrax guitar

    Some people have all the talent.
  14. ryanator

    Clint Eastwood is an anagram of "Old West Action".

    Welp, it's true, or maybe "Old West Action" is an anagram of Clint Eastwood.
  15. nodle

    Cops Charge 7-Year-Old for Nerf gun

  16. nodle

    Dave Batista's 18-Year-Old Daughter "Athena" has a sex tape

  17. nodle

    The Secret to Old Age

  18. nodle

    A 4-Year-Old Can Be Sued

  19. nodle

    Beastie boys got old

  20. nodle

    21-year-old student with 30 supercars

    Bastard... http://jalopnik.com/5631714/meet-the-21+year+old-student-with-30-supercars