1. jmanz

    The Pizza Chains

  2. nodle

    Costco's pizza

    Is there really a better deal out there for pizza compared to Costco's pizza? You get this massive pizza for only $9.99 and the crust is so nice and soft like a true Italian pizza. They only serve Pepperoni or Cheese. But they don't skip on topping on either. Pretty greasy on both though. Still...
  3. nodle

    Pizza Hut's Big New Yorker pizza

    So, the other night we went to our local Pizza Hut and tried their new Big New Yorker Pizza. We haven't been to Pizza Hut in a long time here, but they just recently revamped it. But the pizza was really good and for the price I would eat it again. I would recommend it.
  4. nodle

    Full size Totino's Pizza

    Hear me out here. Why doesn't Totino's make a full-size pizza? We all love their little ones; they have a great flavor and great spices we all love. I think they should make a full-size version like Digiorno or Red Baron. I think it would be a great idea and sell great.
  5. nodle

    Pizza Ranch

    So I am sure most of our members have been to Pizza Ranch a few times here. Their pizza is just average to me, kind of like Little Caesars. But I do think that their Chicken and mashed potatoes are excellent. The problem with the chicken is like @jmanz says, it runs right through you.
  6. nodle

    Pizza Hut's Detroit style pizza

    I missed out on the first go around, but I see it's back. Has anyone tried it?
  7. nodle

    Crazy Calzony from Little Caesars
  8. nodle

    Pizza ovens

    Anyone ever got into pizza ovens? Looks like Ooni is the best. I guess they cook a pizza in 60 seconds.
  9. nodle

    Pizza toppings

    What do you put on your pizza when eating out at a pizza place? Do you like the red chili flakes? Cake on the parmesan cheese? Douse them in ranch? Or something else? My myself I usually use parmesan and ranch (if available). My dad put mayonnaise on his. :sick:
  10. nodle

    The secret spice in Totinos pizza

    Does anyone else like Totinos pizza? They are a cheap pizza but they all have this one secret ingredient. It's some sort of spice. From my research it seems to be fennel seed. Does anyone know what I am talking about? It's a little seed that they add that brings out the pizza...
  11. O-Tron

    Pizzagate and World War Pedo

    So I don't know if any of you guys have stumbled across this in the last couple of months or not, but I was listening to old Joe Rogan podcasts last week and stumbled across a doozy of a conspiracy theory. Alex Jones, who strangely enough has apparently been friends with Rogan for years was on...
  12. nodle

    Dominos 50% Off All Pizzas (11/27 - 12/6)

    What more to say?
  13. nodle

    Captain Sparklez pizza

    So I went to order a pizza tonight and found this little gem on their website. With a name like that I had to try it. I did remove the tomatoes and add banana peppers though. Oh and for proof that i'm not making it up.
  14. jmanz

    Casey's General Store Pizza

    Had to try this today since our Casey's finally got setup for food. The pizza is pretty good for a gas station! They are known for their pizza I guess. The slices are pretty good size, you can call ahead and order a whole pizza too. Small, medium, or large. Anybody else try this yet?
  15. nodle

    Little Caesars bacon-wrapped crust pizza

  16. nodle

    Pizza Man Sent Back to Return an Assumed $7 Tip, Then Threatened

    I saw this last night and it was a dick move of the car dealership. But man the Yelp reviews are so funny to read! To sum it up, basically an auto dealership orders some food. Gives the driver $7 more dollars than the cost of the food. Calls the restaurant back up and causes havoc, ultimately...
  17. nodle

    Dominos - 1/2 off any Pizza this week

    Online only. 1/2 off menu price. Also if your a Shoprunner member you always get free delivery.
  18. nodle

    Pizza Hut reloaded
  19. C Pav

    Pretzel Crust Pizza Coming to Little Caesars on September 1st This may be epic and mean a lot more trips to Little Caesars for me or back to me not liking their pizza much.
  20. nodle

    Domino's pizza on a chicken base