1. nodle

    Only On PlayStation Sale

    Dammit I just bought The last Guardian too. :mad: Good deals in here! Only On PlayStation Sale
  2. nodle

    PlayStation Classic

    So yes two of you have already texted me this morning about it. I just wonder if Sony will make them limited like Nintendo did to create sales?
  3. nodle

    Monster Rancher

    Does anyone remember this game? You would use cds to create monsters. I had a bunch of audio cds back then so it worked great. I had forgotten about it.
  4. nodle

    Xbox One vs Playstation 4- Year One (digital foundry)

    13 games where we have parity or very minor differences 6 titles where each has its advantages/disadvantages - no overall winner 6 titles where a 900p to 1080p (or equivalent) PS4 resolution boost is the only real differentiating factor 14 titles where the PS4 advantage is noticeable and...
  5. nodle

    Evolution of the Playstation controller

  6. nodle

    Playstation Plus 1yr-$39.99

    Didn't you just purchase this @C Pav ? Amazon has the 1 year membership to playstation plus on sale for $39.99 instead of the normal price of $49.99.
  7. nodle

    PlayStation Plus + deals

    Well glad I held out for buying Trine 2. Looks like it's the game of the month for June. Just FYI, that's 6 games a month if you own PS3, PS4 and Vita. That's 72 (72!!!!) games for free per year for just $50 a year. PS4: Trine 2 Pixeljunk Shooter PS3: NBA 2K14 Sly Cooper Thieves in Time...
  8. nodle

    Playstation Vita

    This thing at launch was a flop. But then again so was the Nintendo DS. But it sure seems lately that it's actually doing quite well and has some great games coming out. Has anyone else noticed this? Plus the feature that lets you play PS4 games on it is kinda neat just like the Wii - U.
  9. nodle

    All things related to the Sony Playstation platforms

  10. WayneKerr

    Playstation network down How does everyone here feel about the PSN outage? I don't have one and primarily play single player games anyway.
  11. nodle

    ICO and Shadow of the Colossus for the Playstation 3

    This is exciting news!
  12. nodle

    PlayStation, XBOX and other Gamer Magazines $5

    Great deal! Amazon has a few Gaming Magazines (1-year subscription) for $5 each. 1. PC Gamer Magazine $5 2. Nintendo Power Magazine $5 3. Official Xbox Magazine (w/ DVD) $5 4. PlayStation: The Official Magazine $5 I picked up: PC Gamer Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, and PlayStation: The...
  13. nodle

    Next gen Playstation?

    Mildly NSFW.
  14. nodle

    Playstation video pokes fun at punches Wii, Project Natal
  15. nodle

    New game for PlayStation 3: Crunching numbers The Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, N.Y., uses 336 PS3s for research on urban surveillance.
  16. nodle

    Netflix coming next month to PlayStation 3

    If so I think i will swith my account from my xbox to my ps3.
  17. C Pav

    Playstation 3 backwards compatibility check site. Nice site playstaton made where you can put the title into the search box and it will display what old PS1 and PS2 games have an issues playing on the Playstation 3. It also lists if a fix has been relsases in an update to the system.
  18. jmanz

    PlayStation 3 Demos

    Anybody download the Timeshift Multiplayer demo yet?  I'm downloading it right now.
  19. nodle

    Astrophysicist Replaces Supercomputer with Eight PlayStation 3s