1. nodle

    The price of new glasses

    So I went in to get my eyes examined about two weeks ago. I can't believe the price of glasses these days. I was supposed to get progressives last time, but this time I am going to have to get them. Compared to single visions they are so expensive. It sucks for people that have to pay just to...
  2. nodle

    SSD price increase in 2021?
  3. nodle

    Inflation & the upcoming recession

    So I thought I would mention the cost of rising materials lately. So I have been speaking with many vendors lately for different building material prices, and it's getting insane. I spoke to some steel building builders and metal prices are soaring. Then wood prices are insane. OSB boards went...
  4. nodle

    Video Cards and other PC components pricing right now

    I want to complain about the current prices on video cards, and the availability as well. It has been years now since I have updated my video card, but dam there just isn't anything out there. I mean Nvidia just released their model, but I am not going to spend $800 for a video card, and looking...
  5. nodle

    Why are used cars so expensive in America?

    Kelly Blue Book has been purchased by Autotrader (used car seller) and NADA Guides has been purchased by J.D. Power (a P.R. firm) and no longer give accurate values of used cars.
  6. nodle

    Concert ticket prices

    So Pearl Jam is going to be playing again close by this year. The tickets are very, very hard to come by with basically a lottery style drawing just to have the chance to purchase them. But then I looked at pricing. For basically stand seating, nothing special is $430 each ticket! I have seen...
  7. nodle

    Truck prices

    So what is up with truck vehicle prices anymore? I am starting to look for a new/used truck since the current one that I have at the moment we have outgrown. I went to our local Chevrolet/GMC dealer here and I was mind blown by how much they are. A new GMC will run you about 70k for one. For...
  8. nodle

    Vision insurance, what is the point?

    So explain this to me. What is the point of having some insurances? I mean some are worth it, but let's take my eye for example. At my old job I had 100% Blue Cross, Blue Shield for my vision. Now I no longer have vision, but it was still cheaper out of pocket to pay full price than to have...
  9. D

    Gas Prices + Memorial Day

    Why the 10 to 15 cent jump right before Memorial Day? Sudden shortage? 
  10. nodle

    Selling stuff for the same price you paid for it

    Have you every seen people selling things on social media sites, that you think to yourself "No one is going to pay the same price you paid for it after a year of use". I see it all the time. You want to move it then your going to take a 25% to 50% cut on the price. Some things might hold value...
  11. nodle

    Local prices vs. online prices

    Has anyone else noticed that online prices aren't always the cheapest anymore? I use to look at something and say to myself "I'll just come home and order it offline." Well lately that is quite the opposite for me. I have noticed it a lot living here. For example we went to a store yesterday and...
  12. nodle

    Computer component prices these days

    So my parents old desktop that I built them is getting quite old in terms of components. So I have some old parts available. The only thing missing is some DDR3 memory. I came in and popped on Newegg/Amazon to see how much some would be. Geez stuff is so dirt cheap anymore. I might as well buy a...
  13. nodle

    Upcoming Netflix Price Hike

  14. WayneKerr

    Set buy price on Steam games

    I'm looking at the steam games. There are games that I would play, if I could purchase them at specific price. It would be nice if I could put the money in a steam wallet, set a few priority rules and just wait.
  15. WayneKerr

    Price Check: How much would you pay for this GeForce GTX 750 ti?
  16. nodle

    Price tag for the American dream: $130K a year

  17. nodle

    Starbucks hiking prices

    What is everything raising in the world or what? Link
  18. nodle

    Amazon Prime price increase

    Sucks. I was expecting maybe a $5 increase but that's quite the jump! :eek:
  19. jmanz

    Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul/Price is Right

    Back several years ago, Aaron Paul was on the Price Is Right.
  20. nodle

    World RAM prices are set to rocket after chemical explosion