1. jmanz

    Prime Days 2023

    Picked up one of these for the kids primarily. Had a good pre-prime day sale on it the other day. Was about $100 off.
  2. nodle

    Prime Days 2022

    So, it's Prime Day 2022, what have you purchased so far? Picked up a Noco charger for my Dad   Picked up a Fire Stick 4k MAX  
  3. nodle

    Amazon Prime Day 2021

    Anyone grabbing anything from the 2021 Prime Days? Or will it be a bust like the previous years?
  4. nodle

    Prime Days 2020

    Ok, anyone got anything good this year so far?
  5. nodle

    Prime Days 2019 haul

    Let's see em boys! G.I. Joe - dvd box set. Fire tv stick Outlaw Star blu-ray
  6. nodle

    Amazon Prime days 2018

    I see it starts today, let me know if you see any great deals.
  7. C Pav

    Amazon Prime has gone downhill and SUCKS

    Not only has Amazon in general started to suck but now even the payed for Prime is starting to suck as well. Way back even without prime items ordered were at least packaged and shipped fairly quick but with slower shipping. Prime members of course got the 2 day and was pretty reliable. Then it...
  8. jmanz

    Amazon Prime Day

    Anybody doing some shopping tonight/tomorrow? I see they have big savings on the Echo if you are into that sort of thing.
  9. nodle

    Amazon Prime Days

    Just a reminder Amazon is having their Prime Day tomorrow. Suppose to be good this year since last year was a flop. I got a nice email saying that if I purchase something off of Amazon over $150 I get $30 off just for using my Amazon credit card. Which is a decent deal.
  10. nodle

    Amazon Prime video game discount

    Pretty sweet, another reason to be a Prime member. Source
  11. nodle

    Amazon Prime Video now features OFFLINE playback

    This is pretty cool. For example when you take trip with kids no more having to pay for videos. Way cool! Source
  12. nodle

    Amazon Fire Phone 32GB Unlocked $189 (inc 1yr Prime)

    Pretty decent deal and it's unlocked and includes Prime! Makes the phone only $90 after Prime. Amazon
  13. nodle

    Amazon Pilot Season,13 pilots available to Prime subscribers

    Cocked Created by Samuel Baum (Lie to Me) and Sam Shaw (Manhattan – TV series), Cocked stars Sam Trammell (True Blood) as Richard Paxson, a family man and corporate lap dog who left his family in rural Colorado twenty years before and vowed never to go back. After some unfortunate...
  14. nodle

    Amazon Fire TV Stick $19 for Prime Users 2 days only

    Regular price is $39.00 it's $20 off for prime users for 2 days only. It's dual core 1080p with 8gb of storage. It has Pandora/Netflix/Amazon/Plex app support.
  15. nodle

    Amazon Prime announces no rush shipping option

  16. WayneKerr

    WTH is prime music

    Do you have an Amazon Prime account? Go check out the Prime Music. Its like free music. :smh: Its not all top 40 though. I did find some Clutch, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Mastadon, Red Fang. Granted most where albums I already had. Others were lost in the garage sale incident of 2006. Radio is...
  17. nodle

    Amazon launches Prime music

    Wow they are really getting into everything aren't they? Link
  18. nodle

    Amazon Prime price increase

    Sucks. I was expecting maybe a $5 increase but that's quite the jump! :eek:
  19. nodle

    Go home Optimus Prime, you're drunk

    *insert Dukes of Hazard theme. Skip to: 3:25
  20. nodle

    The Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, & Apple TV+ Thread

    For us with Netflix streaming, post what movies or shows that you would recommend to other streamers.