1. nodle

    Uncharted 3 Is free for PS3 users

    The PlayStation Store is listing Uncharted 3 for free right now. This isn't just for PS Plus members; anyone with a PlayStation Network account can download.
  2. WayneKerr

    How much would you pay for a ps3?

    I passed on a unit with a 3rd party controller for $100. Secondary q: How is it as a blue ray player? I'm having a problem with the Disney blurays on my Samsung player.
  3. nodle

    All things related to the Sony Playstation platforms

  4. nodle

    Sony unveils new PS3 model

  5. nodle

    Amazon Instant Video now available on PS3
  6. nodle

    "Michael" - PS3 Long Live Play
  7. nodle

    PS3 Hacker GeoHot Responds With Rap

    He's doing this because they will have to show it in court. He's actually not to bad.
  8. nodle

    Sony rumoured to be adding serial keys to PS3

    They start doing this, no one will buy them anymore. Read more:
  9. nodle

    Vudu on PS3

    Has anyone tried this? I download the client. looks real nice. I like having another options to watch movies on.
  10. nodle

    PS3 Master Key Made Public

    Oh sheeee :eek: It won't be long now...
  11. jmanz

    PS3 Sound Bar

    Was thinking of a sound bar anyways for downstairs and ran across this: Another link here...
  12. ndboarder

    FS: PS3 rhythm game set

    The set includes the following items for the PS3 and is going for the blowout price of $150 Rock Band 2 wireless Guitar (from original Rock Band 2 set)     Rock Band 2 wireless Drum Set (from original Rock Band 2 set))     Rock Band 2 wired Microphone (from original Rock Band 2 set)    ...
  13. nodle

    Need to upgrade your PS3 firmware?

    Take it to Besy Buy they only charge $30. :LOL:
  14. nodle

    Gaming PS3 modchip claims to finally allow backing up games
  15. nodle

    PS3 firmware 3.40 info
  16. nodle

    Dead Space PS3/360 for $10, free shipping from EA store

    EA Store New Copy $10 shipped $10 off coupon code - fbdeadspace10buxoff Free Shipping code - t8jwp3y4b (apply both codes) PS3 or 360
  17. nodle

    HD: God of War III Ultimate Edition (PS3)

    $59.96 at Walmart.
  18. ndboarder

    First 3D PS3 games coming Friday (6/11/10)?

    Original Link
  19. ndboarder

    Skate 3 (PS3 and 360)

    It's coming soon folks!!! Demo is available NOW, releases May 11th, 2010
  20. nodle

    Wolfenstein (360/PS3) $13/$18 at Amazon $13 $18