1. C Pav

    My changing of gaming habits as I get older

    I am finally noticing my gaming habits and preferences change as I get older and have less time to play games. I now prefer games where I can more just pick up and play or are a bit faster paced. Here I have many amazing AAA games like Red Dead 2 and pretty much every other major release but...
  2. nodle

    Shadow of the Colossus PS4

    Shadow of the Colossus (2018) is $13.99 on US PS+
  3. nodle

    Secret of Mana Special Theme

    Free! @C Pav
  4. nodle

    Free Shadow of the Colossus dynamic theme

    I got mine.
  5. nodle

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition

    On Amazon for $36.43
  6. nodle

    God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    @C Pav, @ndboarder. Source
  7. nodle

    Firewatch video game

    I see Firewatch is on sale on the PS store. I always wanted to play this and heard good things about it? Think it's worth picking up? Link
  8. nodle

    Battle Royal of 2018 - Who will win the console wars?

    So now that we are coming into the new year, which console do you think will come out on top this year? The Switch is fairly new, the xbox and ps4 have been out for awhile, but each system has an updated console out. Who do you think will become the champion by the end of 2018? My choice right...
  9. nodle

    Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

    Looks like a second version is getting released. I missed out on the first one. But heard it was excellent.
  10. nodle

    Inside - video game

    Well I ended up beating this game last night. It was a great game, but I don't know I didn't really care for the ending. The whole game had a almost "Half Life 2" feel to it. I liked the beginning a lot. A couple of puzzles really made you think, but I never did look up for help and eventually...
  11. nodle

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Great deal for a great game! $30 Amazon
  12. nodle


    I am surprised no one has talked about this game for the PS4. It seems to do quite well. Seems like something @C Pav would have already picked up.
  13. nodle

    The Last of Us: Part 2

    Oh ya baby!
  14. nodle

    Gravity Rush - Remastered

    How is this game? I love cel shaded games, and I see it's on sale this week for $14.99. Any good? PS4 Link
  15. jthock

    Overwatch video game

    Been playing .... a lot. Played 140 hours + of quickplay with this girl I met in WoW, just played another 30-40 hours in competitive, reached Platinum rank in this season tonight (I believe Diamond is the highest). Gets kinda old but I'm happy to say I earned all of my extras without buying any...
  16. nodle

    The Last of Us Outbreak Day Theme

    Can't beat the price of free. Also The Last of Us the game is on sale for only $9.99. Well worth it. The Last of Us Outbreak Day Theme
  17. nodle

    Uncharted 4

    Did anyone pick this one up yet?
  18. nodle

    Apple and the PS4

  19. jthock

    Far Cry Primal

    Got it for Xb1. First impressions: so far really liking it. It runs way better than I expected it to - I think the game engine is really good. The graphics are really well detailed and the sound is astounding. It's a bit hard as far as immersion because all of the characters speak in... caveman...
  20. nodle

    Kmart has new 3DS XL for $100 and PS4 for $200

    People are getting them price matched at Best Buy etc. PS4 link: n3DS link: