1. nodle

    'Sacred' rare red cow born in Israel

    Kinda interesting. I have been seeing this make it's way around on the news. Apparently when an all red cow is born that can't start production on a third temple in Israel. But the red cow has to be perfect, they will inspect every single hair to make sure it's perfect. If it is then it means...
  2. nodle

    Russian river turns red
  3. nodle

    "Vacation" Red Band Trailer

    Well here it is boys, what we have all been waiting for. Thoughts?
  4. nodle

    River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red Overnight

  5. nodle

    Monster, Rock Star, Red Bull energy drinks.

    With the latest lawsuit. How many of you feel that these are dangerous drinks? I have co-workers that chug these all day long. They are liquid cocaine. Have you ever looked at the ingredients? No one is looking at the prolonged effects of these. Think about what these do to your liver and your...
  6. WayneKerr

    Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog I don't recall how I came across this, but I have listened to this about 10 times today.
  7. nodle

    Red Robin's Sam Adams Octoberfest Milkshake & Oktoberfest Burger

    Thanks to Cpav for the heads up, who wants some? Oktoberfest Burger: Fire-grilled beef, melted Swiss cheese, beer mustard sautéed onions, beer mustard and black forest ham on a toasted pretzel bun. Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake: Our blend of creamy soft serve, Samuel Adams®...
  8. nodle

    Red Dawn - (remake) trailer

    When are people going to start to make original movies again?
  9. WayneKerr

    Red video game

    Found a link to a cool game called RED. Use mouse and space bar to defend your planet from asteroids. Survive for as long as you can. There are a few power-ups; a shield and extra turrets. Simple game. 7/10
  10. nodle

    Red hot chili peppers-I get around

    They did a very nice job on the cover.
  11. nodle

    Big red soda

    Who here has had this? It's so good. More of a back East thing. Tasted like bubblegum.
  12. C Pav

    Red Dead Redemption (XBox 360)

    I finished the main story on this game this morning and I loved it. What I liked the most was the old west theme which is a great change from the standard "new" eras that old Grand Theft games had. If you liked any of the Grand Theft games then this game is right for you. If you didn't like them...
  13. nodle

    Red Dead Redemption

    Have any of you been watching this game? It just came out today. It does look very awesome. Basically a grand theft auto but set in the western days. I would recommend you check it out.
  14. nodle

    Red Skeltons recipe for the perfect marriage

    1.  Two times a week we go to a nice restaurant, have a little beverage, good food and companionship.  She goes on Tuesdays; I go on Fridays. 2.  We also sleep in separate beds.  Hers is  in California ,  and mine is in Texas . 3.  I take my wife everywhere, but she keeps finding her...
  15. nodle

    Bruno Red Band Movie Trailer

    <embed src='' quality='high' bgcolor='#000000' width='353' height='218' name='customPlayer' align='middle' allowScriptAccess='always' allowNetworking='true' allowFullScreen='true'...
  16. nodle

    Red River Flood

    Here are some great photos from it.
  17. nodle

    Red Cross report says Bush Administration tortured prisoners
  18. nodle

    Red Sonja the movie

    Rose Mcgowan as Red Sonja
  19. jmanz

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Suck.  Carry on.
  20. L

    Looking to purchase gently used red lawnmower

    Will pay $35