1. nodle

    Industrial Roomba

    So, we have been using our little Roomba here at work, and it works great. One thing I must do daily is empty it and blow out the dust and filter since our work environment is so dirty here. Roomba should make an industrial version with a larger filtering system and stronger brushes, vacuum...
  2. nodle

    Suvie - Robotic cooker

    Saw this on an add tonight. Thought it was kind of cool. Basically, a robot cooker. But what's unique is it keeps the food cool until it's ready to cook.
  3. nodle

    Robot vacuum cleaners

    Does have a Roomba or a similar robot vacuum cleaner? I saw a generic one yesterday and it seemed pretty cool. Seems like the official Roombas are the top of the line though. I don't think they are a full replacement for a vacuum cleaner, but for some quick detailing here in there it looks like...
  4. nodle

    Boston Dynamics 'Dog' real purpose

    I saw people talking about this today. They couldn't believe someone would add this to one of DARPA 'dogs'. This was the whole purpose from the beginning, is there any real surprise here. That is the whole purpose of DARPA in the first place. Uh Oh, They Strapped a Sniper Rifle to a Robot Dog...
  5. nodle

    Robot assassin in Iran?

    Killer Robot? Assassination of Iranian Scientist Feeds Conflicting Accounts - The New York Times (
  6. nodle

    African teens vanish from U.S. robotics fair

  7. nodle

    Sumo robots

  8. nodle

    Tomy i-sobot

    So I hope everyone had a good Christmas. My Wife's Brother ended up getting me this Robot called a i-sobot made by Tomy. I don't think they make them anymore but they go for quite a lot on Ebay. It's a pretty cool little Robot that comes with a Remote control and has all these built in features...
  9. nodle

    Yes, robots really are about to take your jobs

    Hate to agree with him but Bill is right. Link
  10. nodle

    Drones everywhere!

    Why are they flying over our skies? We are not the enemy! :mad:
  11. nodle

    Robot Unicorn Attack
  12. nodle

    Japanese Robot Break Dances
  13. nodle

    Robot dinosaurs
  14. nodle

    Titan Robot

    ndboarder will be in love.
  15. WayneKerr

    aTm senior project: Robot playing guitar hero robot kinda sucks actually.  It should be racking up 1000 notes in a row or something, I totally feel better about my playing.  Found the link on make and there was a post that there have been a lot of these projects.
  16. nodle

    BigDog quadruped robot

    I think i may have posted something on this before. But how would you like to see something like this walking through the woods?
  17. nodle

    Rolly the robot

    Would you get one of these?
  18. D

    Huge Russian Fighting robots
  19. nodle

    Nazi Robot Attack

    Nicely done CGI.